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Still stuck in Parade since around early Jan(crashes)

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  • Specific details on what you were doing when it happened Basically Malpractice of Doctors crashes the game at some point and the save if I die/crash during the mission which seems to be always.
  • The platform you are playing on:  PS4(traditional)
  • And the current build you are playing  1.7 since today but it was happening since 1.6

When it first started whenever I got to the mission the game would crash at some point and so would the save file if I attempted to load it afterwards. The only way it seems to let me re-do the mission is to repeat Hostile Takeover/House Call etc as those were after my last safe room save at the fashion center with the models. It now lets me complete the mission up til the very end if I try it in one go but the game eventually crashes after I get the final part of the mission where you have to escape(last time it crashed -right- as I ram through the red beams in the lobby). If I die/it crashes during the save file with either crash or put me outside with the mission but all the paths are gated off and even then it still crashes.


I hope this makes sense as I tried reddit months ago but got nothing in terms of answers so I finally decided to try here.

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Hi there,


I've posted a response to the same issue in a similar thread:




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