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I was using a first aid kit to not bleed out during sallys cinematic where she meets Arthur and collects yhe cod liver oil.   I apparantly entered the bit of cell that loads the cutscene.     Anyways~~ I successfully bleed out during the scene, the bug occurs when i respawn in the unlit(thought it was lit for arthur, maybe fix the power) plauge bunker, Eel pie Holm 1.? Anyways all the bodies disappeared, i woke up on the floor with all but hydrated buff, and theres a collision error apparantly as a wastrel is halfway through the floor swinging, yelling poetry at me.   Build # v1.6.75622.    Photo w video included.  Xbox tags: Tor001     well, we've come to the end of this report.  Have a cheery day mates  




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Follow up: game killing bug occured after leaving shelter, thirty wellies gathered around the sweet dreams sidequest.   xbox forced game shutdown, slight overheating.

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