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Still have an issue with the crazy legs where it comes up for a second time but he's nowhere in sight only the start sign and marker showing you where to be. Has this been or is it being sorted? Also noticed that alot of the characters which are male have female names and vice versa for the females. I hope that it's sorted by the time the DLC comes out (for PS4) I have to say I do really like the game despite these glitches. Some I've had previously sorted themselves out after saving and turning back on but not these two as of yet. Thank you 😁😁😁😁

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Hi there,


We're glad to hear you're enjoying the game, but also sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue.

This is a known issue where the quest can trigger again once it's been completed. There is no way to complete the quest a second time and the issue should only affect the player journal.


We're planning to address this in the next patch, so the quest stays completed. Unfortunately we don't have an exact date for it just yet.





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