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Terrible frame rate/frame drops (Xbox one X - 4k tv)

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There is a massive problem with the frames, especially in a 4k TV, with Xbox one X. Even if the console is powerful, the game is unplayable at this state. 
Frames are dropping down a lot and in large areas game is unplayable. You cannot even turn around without having massive stuttering and frame drops.
I have the latest patch (1.6)
I love this game, there is something special about it and it's built like a first person with many rpg elements which is something incredible in my opinion, but it's a shame 
for us gamers not to be able to have the full....JOY!!

Hope you will patch it up to FIX THE FRAME RATE, it needs it ASAP!  When in 4K (with HDR), the problem is much more obvious than in 1080p, and that's the shame in it.
Colours are beautiful, sceneries are amazing, the plot is GOLD, but....... frame rate takes them aaall down.... please patch it up!! 
Thank you in advance!!

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Hi asapas,

Could you tell me roughly what your average frame rate is? Also, roughly the lowest/highest FPS that you experience.

Also, what areas do you find unplayable?

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Hello and thank you for the response.

I can't measure the exact amount of frame drops, but they do happen commonly when i am strafing/turning around, run fast etc. 
I have recently started the game, they happen everywhere as i can understand, even in the houses, or the church in the Wellington Wells. Not at the same degree though, i notice them mostly when i exit the first hatch in the large garden area in Wellington Wells, in which i have to get the train moving. Now I have the mission to enter stealthly to the Headboy camp.

As a general fact, frames are better in closed areas, but not always 30 fps, while in large areas the game is nearly unplayable. Even if I move my character slowly i notice them.
In 1080p mode (set in Xbox one X) on a 4k tv with HDR,  frames improve a bit, but not at the constant 30 fps level.
However, the full immersion is in 4k mode guys it's an AMAZING game and congrats for the reception and creation of this masterpiece. The technical issues take it down and it's a shame.
If it could reach, not a perfect frame, but a pretty constant one near 30 fps, this would be something else!!

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If you could take a few short videos of some of these problem areas, it would be much appreciated.
We will be looking into this issue on our end.

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