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We Happy Few 1.6 Release Notes

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Xbox One: 1.6.75622
UWP: 1.6.75661
PS4: Coming soon
Windows: Coming soon


Patch Summary

This patch contains a new save game system, performance optimizations, crash fixes, fixes for progression blockers, fixes for gameplay bugs, and localization fixes.  

General Bugs/Stability

•  Reworked save system and menu.  You now have access to significantly more saves and save slots than before.
•  Performance improvements.
•  Crash fixes.
•  Fix for audio corruption issue that could occur after extended periods of play.
•  Many localization fixes.
•  Many stuck spots fixed and missing collision added.
•  Added missing names to the credits.
•  Fixed issue where, rarely, the game could return to the main menu after loading occurs.
•  Save games will no longer rarely get stuck in a state where no input is accepted, including the Esc key.
•  Loading videos will no longer use the default 'Happy is the Country with no Past' if the user is playing in a language other than English
•  Subtitles no longer keep playing when pausing a cinematic.
•  Dying now loads the most recent save state, rather than the last autosave.
•  Emitted lights will no longer sometimes fail to render when entering an area for the first time.
•  Save/Load no longer causes (Unconscious) NPCs to be tagged as (Deceased) when loading back in.  Don’t worry - they were never really dead, just mislabelled.
•  Alternating the quality game settings no longer causes the weapons equipped on characters to disappear from view.
•  Train station flashback audio should now always play during their related cutscene.
•  Running too fast can no longer cause visual/collision issues.
•  Systemic NPCs and those who should be on patrol in encounters should no longer occasionally stand in place motionless until suspicion is triggered.
• Large amounts of corpses or NPCs no longer cause game to behave oddly.
• Subtitles should now appear in cinematics for community localizations during Arthur's prologue.

Gameplay Fixes

•  Combat: Combo controls - improved weapon combo feel.
•  Combat: AIs should no longer attack when not in range.
•  Shoe durability was way too high.  Now shoes should not last until the heat death of the universe.
•  Chronobalm is no longer effective during cutscenes, conversations and certain animations, which could cause synchronization issues.  Reloading the game while under Chronobalm effects also no longer makes Sally move significantly faster without feedback until the effect wears off.
•  Go Go Juice no longer puts the player into a dying state once it expires. Instead, Go Go Juice withdrawal has been implemented.
•  Somnambulax effect now depletes over time.
•  Crawling into a window will no longer cause the player to become stuck.
•  Rubbish bin hiding has been reworked to not allow you to get stuck in geometry when leaving the hiding spot.
•  After the final cutscene of Sally's story, the game will no longer occasionally freeze after pressing "A" to start Ollie's story.
•  Fixed possible locations for the Common Pituitary Fluid and Beefy Pituitary Fluid.
•  Sally: Previously harvested butterflies no longer re-spawn in an unharvestable state.
•  Sally: Jubilator Activator and Advanced Machine bits now spawn to craft any upgraded version of the Jolly Brolly.
•  Sally/Ollie can now run once the stamina bar has been depleted at the Hard difficulty while having the Plague, Low Blood Sugar and the Hunger Status Effects.
•  Arthur/Ollie - The Truth Shall Set You Free: Artifacting no longer occurs on remember/forget scene if random buttons are pushed.
•  Arthur/Sally: After acquiring the backstabber skill, tranquilizer darts will no longer one shot kill unaware wastrels on the first two garden district islands.  Also tranquilizer darts no longer do damage.
•  Ollie: Can no longer get stuck in a death loop due to high blood sugar.
•  NPCs should no longer be missing their hair variants in-game.
•  NPCs now gesture in conversation when standing in front of each other.
•  Fast travelling while in toxic fog no longer causes the character to continue taking damage.
•  Flavor text of the Victory Meat no longer incorrectly states that it contains Joy.
•  Getting shoved while getting inside a Joy booth no longer causes the character to get stuck inside them.
•  Fixed issues caused by looking down, jumping and getting close enough to mantle a window that has furniture in front of it.
•  Opening chests with a lock-pick while having a weapon equipped no longer causes the weapon to suddenly appear horizontally on screen during the unlock animation.
•  Power Cells in compliment machines no longer appear removable.
•  Quickly alternating between certain actions and the dropping prompt while carrying a body no longer prevents it from being dropped/thrown.
•  Running into thrown bodies no longer sends them flying away.
•  No longer possible to buy more than what the character has money for, which lead to an infinite money exploit.
•  The player can no longer remain indefinitely suspicious due to vandalism.
•  Grapefruit Juice behaviour is now consistent with its stats.
•  Lockpicking a door at a certain angle no longer causes the player to pick the lock from the other side of the door.
•  Players should now always be able to exit the Maidenholm shelter.
•  Quest NPCs will now respawn if you lure them more than 150 meters away from their location, forcing them to disappear.
•  On Easy difficulty, fast traveling no longer depletes the Hunger and Thirst meters, eventually triggering the debuffs.
•  Corporal Cheeseman will no longer fall out of world when hit by Ollie with an enhanced cricket bat.
•  Plagued Wastrels now aggro/attack the player on sight in all cases.
•  Player can no longer obtain the Bone Saw with the Breaker Manual.
•  No longer possible to duplicate equipment by equipping a stack and dropping directly from the equipped item.
•  Food poisoning and drugged state caused by Histoplasma statuses no longer refresh after performing a save/load.
•  Tea no longer has a Joy bar in its description.
•  Toasted Chicory no longer has a Joy bar in its description.
•  Joy overdose is now no longer suspicious to NPCs in the Village.
•  Throwing a preplaced body right after grabbing it no longer causes issues.
• Blocking or attacking while vomiting, no longer pauses vomiting or leads to temporary paralysis.
• Player now receives murder credit from bleeders.


• The prompt to carry a body while performing a takedown now correctly informs the player to HOLD the button rather than press it.
•  The "Container" menu now shows all items by default (instead of the last item tab selected).
•  Car “trunk” renamed to “boot”, in accordance with Her Majesty’s lexicon.
•  Failed quests now moved to the “Completed” section of the Journal.
•  Ollie: Pressing the "Continue" button from the main menu after completing Ollie's progression could prompt a confirmation but doesn't load any game.
•  Controller Aim Sensitivity X text spells "Hotizontal" instead of Horizontal.  This one pains us internally.
• Flashbacks in the theatre will no longer be played from the beginning upon pausing and resuming them.
•  Buying until the till goes past 999£ no longer causes the till counter to split and become hard to read.
• Failing an encounter before obtaining it no longer causes the journal entry to be blank.
•  The fully extended carrying capacity tip has been amended for better clarity.
•  Objects given to the player via blueprint nodes now properly give the player a notification.
•  Status UI overlaps with the compass when the aspect ratio is 4:3 or 16:10.
•  Added a prompt informing the player how to confirm Fast Travel when using a controller for some locations.
•  Fixed news prompt in main menu when using a controller.
• Removed player death statistic from the statistics screen.

Achievements and Collectibles

•  Uncle Jack Show broadcasts will now be unlocked in the Theatre when watching them on a home TV or listening to them on a radio already turned on, if you watch/listen for a few seconds.
•  “Gimme Shelter” achievement now correctly unlocks after discovering all five shelters (previously was 4).
•  "You Do Know Jack" achievement now correctly unlocks when collecting the last mask in Sally's Story (even though 1 broadcast was still missing).
•  "Gotta Catch Them All!" achievement now unlocked after collecting the correct number of butterflies.
•  The 'Swimming' mask in The Great Stink will now be visible from further away.
•  "News Hour - Well look at you!" is now present in the theatre after collection.

UWP only

•  Fixed issues with NPCs getting stuck in animation loops.
•  Fixed issues with save games loading into black screens.
•  Fixed prompt when smashing the Pinata with Keyboard and Mouse

World Generation

•  Bobby poppers and other objects should no longer be able to spawn in front of doors or entrances to hiding alleys.
•  Benches should no longer smerge with waste bins, post boxes, walls, joy booths or other decorators.
•  Dig Spots should now always spawn at the right height to dig them.
•  Ollie - A Pomaceous Puzzles: Bobbies and gas mask now spawn on all world seeds.
•  Fixed issues where the shape of the Garden District Islands may create holes and stuck spots around the edges of the islands where the Village and the Wild portions merge.
•  Village - Hills and roads/streets can no longer generate lower than intended, leading to multiple issues.
•  Ollie: Fixed floating terrain in Lud's Holm
•  Sally: Fixed road generating irregularly on a certain worldgen.

Xbox One only

•  The game now correctly sets its language when changing the language via Xbox One Settings application.
•  Xbox One X will no longer overheat/draw too much power, causing a shutdown after obtaining the new Proper Suit during the “Oh Behave” bridge.
•  Fixed black texture flashes on both Bobbies during the first interrogation cutscene, and during the Weird Sisters cutscene.
•  OG Xbox One should no longer hang for a few seconds after starting a new game.

Quest fixes

•  Arthur - "A Malpractice of Doctors": The “Quarantine Access Code” that drops from a Doctor inside the building on the second floor has been renamed so that it no longer is misleading.
•  Arthur - "The House of the Inventor": Giving the Pipe Valve to James, before Arthur completes his phrase and triggers the next step, no longer removes the item from the player's inventory without completing it.
•  Arthur - A Malpractice of Doctors: The player can no longer get under the Doctor HQ.
•  Arthur - A Malpractice of doctors: Subtitles added for the announcer during the cutscene when entering the Wellington Wells institute.
•  Arthur - A Model Citizen: No longer possible to push Ugo Sassoon into the wall stopping Arthur's ability to complete the quest.
•  Arthur - A Model Citizen: Returning to the main menu directly after activating the hatch no longer causes issues.
•  Arthur - A Teaspoon of Sugar: The encounter will now spawn more regularly.
•  Arthur - An Awkward Courtship: Saving and returning to the main menu while picking up the Spare Gear no longer causes it to be missing on reload.
•  Arthur - Antijubilatarianism: Green checkered corrupted texture present in the alley where the broken Jubilator is is now fixed.
•  Arthur - Awkward Courtship: Hostile NPCs can no longer pick up the Cleaver in the basket before it spawns, preventing from completing the quest.
•  Arthur - Band of Brothers: Can no longer enter the military camp by jumping from the signs scattered around the dump to the big roof, which previously caused the cutscene to never trigger leading to a progression break.
•  Arthur - Band of Brothers: Added missing prompt message informing the player that a lockpick is needed in order to unlock the door to the dump if approached without bobby pins.
•  Arthur - Band of Brothers: Performing a Save/Load after entering the Military Camp no longer allows the player to mantle on top of tanks and jump outside of the Camp.
•  Arthur - Band of Brothers: Resuming play after being defeated or quitting in the military camp no longer causes Arthur to be immediately attacked upon loading in the game.
•  Arthur - Britannia: Fixed invisible elevator in motilene mine.
•  Arthur - Britannia: The vending machine inside the broadcast tower, past the point of no return, no longer sells nothing.
•  Arthur - Ceci n'est pas une pipe - No longer able to fix pipe before objective, which could break the Encounter.
•  Arthur - Church Of Simon Says: Added missing subtitles for the first sequence as Arthur enters inside the church.
•  Arthur - Church of Simon Says: Overdosing on Joy during the Simon Says mini-game no longer prevents Arthur from pressing the buttons.
•  Arthur - Church of Simon Says: No longer possible to get stuck inside the metal shutters after completing the quest.
•  Arthur - Church of Simon Says: Taking a pill while Arthur is dancing no longer allows him to leave the quest and continue to dance.
•  Arthur - Collectible Mask: "Home Again" collectible mask now has subtitles.
•  Arthur - Constant Gardeners: Saving and returning to the main menu while picking up Humphrey’s Note no longer causes it to be missing on reload.
•  Arthur - Constant Gardeners: The player can no longer give Bob Neximide after failing the encounter (this was causing confusion about whether the quest was failed).
•  Arthur - Edie Goes Downer: Edie and the first aid kit should no longer float above the ground.
•  Arthur - Edie Goes Downer: Quote from getting the objective no longer repeats itself each time a save/load is performed.
•  Arthur - Finding Faraday: No longer possible to activate the prompt to speak to the Bobby at the reception while he is away causing him to be absent in the cutscene.
•  Arthur - Finding Faraday: VO when Arthur enters records rooms now triggers consistently.
•  Arthur - Future Perfect: Performing a Save/Load as the cannon fires a shot towards the Director's Office no longer causes the player to load back in without an objective active.
•  Arthur - Future Perfect: Performing a Save/Load while exiting the Health Institute during the Escape Headquarters objective no longer causes the player to reload in the Village with the objective still active.
•  Arthur - Future Perfect: The Future Perfect encounter should now always be given to the player after completing Hostile Takeover.
•  Arthur - Haute cuisine: Killing the kidnappers before the first objective appears no longer causes the quest to be unable to be completed.
•  Arthur - Haworth Labs: Cutscene no longer replays after reloading the checkpoint after Verloc’s intro is completed.
•  Arthur - Hostile Takeover: Save and load after exiting the document control area no longer locks the door from the exit side.
•  Arthur - House Call: The quest is no longer labeled as a Side Quest (it is required to complete the main story).
•  Arthur - How To Be Sneaky: Applying a bleed effect to the first patrolling guard no longer locks the player in a cutscene loop.
•  Arthur - How To Be Sneaky: Attacking the Hooligan 4-5 times will no longer lock the player in a cutscene.
•  Arthur - How To Be Sneaky: Hiding in the ventilation shaft previously could cause the Headboy to run out of the quest area allowing Arthur to move through the camp without accomplishing any of the objectives.
•  Arthur - I Sing the Body Electric: After completing Haworth Labs the quest will no longer reopen.
•  Arthur - I Sing the Body Electric: Arthur no longer takes damage from invisible gas after going down the hatch.  He now takes damage from visible gas.
•  Arthur - I Sing the Body Electric: Attacking the 3 NPC in the back alley no longer causes the quest marker for the location to disappear.
•  Arthur - I Sing the Body Electric: Backtracking after entering and exiting the Jubilator no longer causes the gate to close behind the player.
•  Arthur - I Sing the Body Electric: Performing a save/load or dying after turning on the power no longer causes the player to take continuous damage for no reason.
•  Arthur - I Yam What I Yam: NPCs now respawn after failing the encounter by performing a Takedown on them, no longer preventing quest completion.
•  Arthur - I Yam What I Yam: The first objective of the quest now has a map marker.
•  Arthur - I Yam what I Yam: The quest fail, restarts, and is impossible to complete if Arthur attacks the NPCs just before picking up the Golden Yam.  Also fixed issue where you could toss a grenade and pick up the yam quickly, which broke the encounter. Now the yam floats back up if you defy the yam god and prove to be unworthy. 
•  Arthur - In the Still of the Night: Streaming the objective location during Decrease Heat of Furnace objective no longer leads to a progression break.
•  Arthur - Looks like Rain: Fast traveling after giving the Sewing Kit to Mrs. Pankhurst no longer causes the quest to become uncompletable.
•  Arthur - Love Birds: Entering combat near the encounter couple then streaming the encounter out may cause Benedick and Beatrice to be seated on the wrong bench upon returning. Now they will be on the right bench.
•  Arthur - Love Birds: Added missing encounter icon on map.
•  Arthur - Love Birds: Returning to Benedick and interacting with him without the night blooming nonsuch no longer causes the cutscene to activate in the bunker upon returning to acquire the item from Arthur's Stash.
•  Arthur - Madame's Magic Wand: Added objective marker (map/compass) for the first objective of the side encounter.
•  Arthur - Malpractice of Doctors: The Doctors on the second floor no longer ignore the player.
•  Arthur - Mastermind: Symbols' visuals now reset with the puzzle after 4 unsuccessful attempts.
•  Arthur - Military Camp: No longer possible to mantle out of the camp by jumping from the top of General Byng's office towards the wired fence, blocking main path progression.
•  Arthur - Model Citizen - Quest can now be completed when the hatch is activated before the last objective is received.
•  Arthur - Moon Juice Leech: Simply being in combat near the side quest no longer fails the encounter at any objective.
•  Arthur - Mother’s Little Helper: Saving and returning to the main menu while picking up Chaney’s Notes no longer causes them to be missing on reload.
•  Arthur - Mysterious Chest: Loot from the Mysterious Chest no longer disappears from the inventory when the objective reverts to 'Wait a Day or Two'.
•  Arthur - Oh Behave!: Can no longer loot any Joy Pills in Eel Pie Holm, which could lead to a progression break by overdosing during the bridge encounter.
•  Arthur - Oh Behave!: The player is no longer able to sit in the chair through the window of the fake village house, which allowed the quiz to be skipped.
•  Arthur - Oh, Behave!: Returning to the first stash room quickly just before entering the next corridor could cause the first door to close, leading to Arthur remaining stuck.
•  Arthur - Parade District: Black checkered corrupted textures no longer present on road/grass in two small areas near the Health Institute.
•  Arthur - Plassey Bridge: Removed ability to climb onto the catwalk and fix the bridge without going through the door on some world seeds.
•  Arthur - Plough Boy's Lunch: Ed can no longer be picked up from behind the wall in the alley where he is located, which could lead to a progression break.
•  Arthur - Point of Departure: Animation for lockpicking the fallen desk is no longer misaligned.
•  Arthur - Point of Departure: The train station does not increase in LOD as the player approaches
•  Arthur - Point of Departure: There is a stuck spot in the giant rubble pile prior to the Hooligan ambush.
•  Arthur - Prologue: Misleading "Sit" and "Stand" prompt surrounded by a black screen can no longer be seen for a few seconds before the first scene is loaded with Arthur.
•  Arthur - Public Works - The quest is no longer autocompleted when a save load is performed in the middle of the “Open All Windows” objective.
•  Arthur - Ravensholm - The Scottish Play: Ollie's model should now behave correctly with lighting during the cutscene.
•  Arthur - Really Bad Gas: The objective marker for the objective "Repair The Pipe" remains visible on the map after being completed.
•  Arthur - Really Bad Gas: The objective to repair the pipe does not complete in the journal after Arthur repairs it.
•  Arthur - Rorke's Drift Bridge: Wastrels should no longer disappear when Arthur leaves the church.
•  Arthur - Rorke's Drift Bridge: Sometimes, skipping the cutscene when arriving in Edenham could cause the female NPC to slowly slide towards the camera and lack animation in the following cutscene.
•  Arthur - Shibboleth: Black flickering should no longer appear on NPCs and Arthur appear during the encounter.
•  Arthur - Shibboleth: Player no longer gets stuck in a transition loop when killing the Hooligans while being more than 150m away from the encounter.
•  Arthur - Shibboleth: The game no longer constantly auto saves if one of the attacking hooligans runs away after taking damage.
•  Arthur - Shocking Carelessness: Completing the "Turn the power back on" objective now updates the quest.
•  Arthur - Improved performance drop on GPU thread when looking in the approximate direction of Rorke's Drift Bridge from inside the Crib House.
•  Arthur - Speaker's Corner: Attacking or talking to William Godwin causes him to stand up and walk, despite his broken leg. That was a bit silly, wasn’t it.
•  Arthur - Speaker's Corner: Triggering the side quest at night then returning to the park just before 7am should no longer cause issues.
•  Arthur - St. George's Holm: It is no longer possible to pick-lock the Newspaper Office's door and enter the building before getting the Haworth Labs quest.
•  Arthur - Start Spreading The News: Idle chat about coffee from the co-workers in the office no longer continues to play during the cutscene with the chief causing Arthur to respond and break the cutscene.
•  Arthur - The Church of Simon Says: Rarely, participating in the Simon Says competition for the first time can lead to a progression break.
•  Arthur - The Church of Simon Says: Various skill upgrades are no longer permanently removed from the player when doing the Simon Says game.
•  Arthur - The English Vice: The front gates to the Reform Club can no longer be locked which could teleport the character when attempting to pick either lock.
•  Arthur - The English Vice: The Red Bobby will now properly accept the player while wearing a catsuit if they previously aggro an NPC.
•  Arthur - The Faraday Cage: Performing a save/load during the flashback after the 3rd extraction now completes the objective.
•  Arthur - The Faraday Cage: Saving and returning to the main menu while picking up the Letter no longer causes it to be missing on reload.
•  Arthur - The Great Stink: Reloading the game when the jubilator enters the narrow corridor should no longer cause it to remain stuck on the hatch it blew off the wall.
•  Arthur - The Great Stink: The extra/duplicate notes down here have been removed.
•  Arthur - The Great Stink: The pathing of the Jubilator patrolling the hallway can theoretically no longer break according to our witch doctor.
•  Arthur - The Great Stink: The Worker's Keycard is now looted automatically when carrying the body, which could lead to a progression break when losing the body.
•  Arthur - The House of the inventor: Save/Load after talking to James no longer resets him to his original position making it hard for the player to see the prompt to give him the valve.
•  Arthur - The Scottish Play: The lighting no longer flickers during the jump scare cutscene on the bridge.
•  Arthur - The Slaughterer's Apprentice: Streaming at the objective "Do or do not" no longer causes the prompt to be missing upon returning to the Culty's Shop.
•  Arthur - Walkabout: Saving and returning to the main menu while digging the grave no longer causes it to be non-interactive.
•  Arthur - Walkabout: Saving and returning to the main menu while picking up the Toy Car no longer causes the quest to never be acquired.
•  Arthur - Wild Picnic: Quickly unlocking the chest with the Multi-Tool as soon it’s lowered, no longer prevents the objective from updating.
•  Arthur - Worldgen - Returning to the Main Menu while standing in front of the red Bobby in the reform club no longer causes the camera to go under the town.
•  Arthur - Worldgen: Fixed rare issue where large portions of the map did not have visible ground.
•  Arthur - You Can't Beat the Odds: On some world seeds, one or two of the Plough Boys can stay stuck outside.
•  Arthur – Crazy Legs: Completing quest then, after a while, returning to the quest zone will no longer give the quest to the player again.
•  Arthur – Cub Reporter: The player no longer has to skip the cutscene where Arthur discovers the burglar in the house.
•  Arthur – Shibboleth: Scaring the 3 attackers by reducing their health or with the “Intimidator” status buff will now complete the “Help them survive the night” objective.
•  Arthur – Should Auld Acquaintance: Fast Traveling from the encounter before triggering the cutscene with the Constable will no longer break progression.
•  Arthur – Sympathy for the Lightbearer: Subtitles added for the cutscene when Arthur first meets Nick Lightbearer.
•  Arthur – The Faraday Cage: James can no longer float in mid-air when he spins the valve handle.
•  Arthur: Barrow Holm: NPCs should no longer clip through chair and the ground.
•  Arthur: On a specific world seed Cutty could have nothing to sell.
•  Arthur: On a specific world seed, performing a save/load in an area at/around Sally's place could lead to a black screen.
•  Arthur: Parade Market Shopkeepers now have money to buy stuff from the player.
•  Arthur: Phone Booth-specific dig spots can no longer be found randomly, and are now only rewards for listening to phone calls.
•  Arthur: The O Courant Article 2 uses the word 'maid' instead of 'made'. 
•  Sally - "Connect the Dots": In the Military Camp, the item Honey is now "steal" rather than "take".
•  Sally - "Reservations": Auto-saves no longer trigger in short intervals, which could reduce performance.
•  Sally - A Sea Change: Using items or drawing out a weapon while carrying Gwen in the Carrycot no longer causes them to float in the air.
•  Sally - Alterations: Mrs. Pankhurst now has money, meaning that you can sell to her.
•  Sally - Baby Feeder: Installing the Baby Feeder while Gwen needs to be changed no longer prevents her from being changed, which could cause the status effect/icon to remain present indefinitely.
•  Sally - Baby Feeder: Objective now correctly states that Sally has to 'Come back in 2 days' instead of 3 days.
•  Sally - Bad Chemistry: On a certain world seed, Harry Cavendish's house now spawns at street level.
•  Sally - Bad Chemistry / Baby Transport: Fixed infinite loading screen that could occur after triggering 'Baby Transport' quest.
•  Sally - Cutty's Shop: Going in the shop at night no longer causes it to become closed forever.
•  Sally - Don't cry over tinned milk: Talking to Lionel while sprinting on phlash will no longer trap the player in a cutscene.
•  Sally - Home Cooking: Returning to the main menu after the auto-save during the Bobbies singing number no longer prevent the "Connect the Dots" story quest from starting after resuming the game.
•  Sally - Hope Chest: Fixed progression blocker caused by one of the Headboys spawning above terrain, out of streaming range.
•  Sally - Keep the home fires burning: Entering Sally's apartment through the back door and hugging the wall no longer enables the player to extinguish the fires before the objective (could cause a progression break).
•  Sally - Millihelen: Loading an autosave that occurred after knocking out a cultist by drugging the chalice no longer causes the kill for the "Incapacitate all the Cultists" objective to not count.
•  Sally - Millihelen: Quitting the game as the Cultist puts down the poisoned cup (before auto save) no longer causes the Cultist to be dead while not updating the objective blocking the main progression.
•  Sally - Peachy's Final Mission: It is now easier to mantle on top of the bookshelf on the base level in the house.
•  Sally - Peachy's Final Mission: Johnny Bolton no longer spawns below the tree house, making him float and causing the camera to point at the floor during the cutscene
•  Sally - Peachy's Final Mission: Killing the NPCs fails the quest and now correctly moves it to the failed section.
•  Sally - Peachy's Final Mission: Last three of the five doors of the Avon Puppet Theatre can now be unlocked with lockpicks.
•  Sally - Peachy’s Final Mission: No longer possible to incapacitate the quest giving NPCs with Knockout Syringes, causing the quest to become uncompletable.
•  Sally - Prologue - No longer possible to get locked outside Sally’s bedroom.
•  Sally - Ratholm: The shutter blocking entrance into Ratholm is now visible again.
•  Sally - Reservations: No longer possible to mantle out the barricaded window on the second floor.
•  Sally - The Framers: Saving and returning to the main menu while picking up any of the evidence no longer causes it to be missing on reload.
•  Sally - Unsafe House - Performing a save/load during the fight no longer leads to General Byng only noticing Sally when close to her.
•  Sally - Unsafe House: General Byng now paths properly around walls and objects to get to Sally.
•  Sally - Unsafe House: General Byng is no longer standing in front of the lab door, which caused Sally to clip through him when she exit the lab.
•  Sally - Unsafe House: Going out of range of Byng and talking to him while jumping back into range no longer causes issues.
•  Sally - Unsafe House: Performing a save/load during the General Byng's fight no longer causes Byng to be missing from the area.  
•  Sally - Wakey Wakey: Dying during the quest no longer reloads the last manual save.
•  Sally - Wakey Wakey: The player can no longer throw and push Spud Murphy's body on the other side of the wall
•  Sally: Johnny Bolton now always has stuff to sell.
•  Arthur/Sally - Tits Up Downer - Lore pick-up is no longer missing from the downer's suitcase.
•  Arthur/Ollie - Parade District: Climbing on the cliff on the right side of the park allows characters to reach unintended area leading to multiple issues.
•  Arthur/Sally: Performing a takedown on the corner pub seller causes the player to be stuck in the selling space.
•  Ollie - A Dead Man's Best Friend: Taking and gutting open the Salty Dog before Margaret finishes her voiceline no longer results in the "Find the Salty Dog" objective to not complete.
•  Ollie - A Pomaceous Puzzle: Saving and returning to the main menu when picking up the Gas Bomb no longer causes it to be missing on reload.
•  Ollie - Cathouse - Repairing the fridge and then save/loading no longer causes the fridge door to disappear.
•  Ollie - Constabulary Removal: Killing the Dealer's associates no longer causes the quest to be impossible to complete.
•  Ollie - Crazy Legs: Streaming after or during the fight with the Hooligans no longer prevents the side quest from being completed.
•  Ollie - Crazy Legs: The prompt to talk to Eric Liddell is no longer temporarily missing for more than a minute if he's attacked by Bees at the 1st objective.
•  Ollie - Gung Hoster: Baden-Powel can no longer be stuck in the floor.
•  Ollie - Jericho - Improved performance in this area.
•  Ollie - Jericho: Last group of hooligans with the female wastrel are no longer invincible.
•  Ollie - Jericho: Triggering the cutscene in the 4th room before Margaret finishes her dialogue no longer causes the player to remain stuck halfway through the cutscene.
•  Ollie - Jericho: Using an explosive while on a moving elevator no longer causes multiple camera and character issues.
•  Ollie - Lud's Holm: Part of the Train Station is no longer seen floating in the air after the explosion.
•  Ollie - Maidenholm: The Shady Dealer now has money, so you can sell stuff to him.
•  Ollie - Manned Flight: Closing the game while Ollie is loading out of the DSIR no longer causes him to reload inside and be unable to leave.
•  Ollie - Military Bridge: The player can no longer cross the bridge on some world seeds before finishing 'Decamped' mission.
•  Ollie - Motilene Gives You Wings: The quest log no longer remains blank if Ralph is killed before the quest is triggered.
•  Ollie - No Place Like Home: The second Bobby now notices Victoria immediately.
•  Ollie - The Truth Shall Set You Free: Saving and returning to the main menu while picking up the tape could cause it to be missing on reload, preventing completion of the quest.
•  Ollie - The Truth Shall Set You Free: The hammer is no longer invisible while Ollie is using it during the last cutscene.
•  Ollie - The Truth Shall Set You Free: The player can no longer fast travel mid-air after jumping off the Broadcast Tower roof.
•  Ollie - What Lies Beneath: Saving and returning to the main menu while picking up the Bee Cannon could cause it to be missing on reload.
•  Ollie - What Lies Beneath: Speaking to the blue Bobby before entering the house could not update the quest, making it impossible to talk to James until returning outside.
•  Ollie: Black textures can no longer be seen flickering during Ollie's opening cutscene.
•  Ollie: High blood sugar state could not deplete and keep the player in a state of losing health.
•  Ollie: Added subtitles during "The Simple Plan" flashback.
•  Ollie: The last cutscene when not taking the Joy now has audio when trying to skip it.
•  Ollie: The player is now always able to exit the interior of one of the village shelters when playing as Ollie on a specific world seed.

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Any info on when it'll be available for PS4 ? Because I'm stuck on waiting for the Possible Heinous Package mission to work.

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On 1/11/2019 at 7:00 PM, Biwic said:

Any info on when it'll be available for PS4 ? Because I'm stuck on waiting for the Possible Heinous Package mission to work.

This. Any news on PS4 patch update?

Have just bought this game brand new but don't want to start playing it until this latest patch is released

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After the update on xbox one, none of the vending machines contain items. It makes the change sound effect when you press the buy button but there is not one item in the 4 different vending machines i have tried.

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On 1/11/2019 at 1:00 PM, Biwic said:

Any info on when it'll be available for PS4 ? Because I'm stuck on waiting for the Possible Heinous Package mission to work.

Come on, compulsion. You're leaving people hanging. 

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On 3/6/2019 at 5:32 PM, Biwic said:

Come on, compulsion. You're leaving people hanging. 

Into 8th week of waiting for news on a PS4 update now. Bought the game in January but hoping for a big patch update before starting it...

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You say in this thread that the mission Sally: hope chest, defeat head boys is fixed but yet I am playing on xb1 and have the updated version build v1.6.75622 and have killed all 4 head boys, still says only 3 and shows that the mission is 93 metersaway from me in the sky above the chest.

I have made no manual saves if I have to start again I will not be playing this game. 

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