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Crashing Upon Loading PS4 PLEASE HELP

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My version is v1.5.72580 currently. I’m playing on a PS4 and I’m using the digital deluxe edition of the game. 

Im currently in Act I, in the Parade district playing as Arthur. If I remember correctly I am on A Malpractice of Doctors— I am in the Wellington Health Institute. 

Every single time I have tried to load my save it crashes immediately. Coupled with the ungodly long load times, this has frustrated me to the point of tears. How can I fix this error, I just want to play my game. Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m sorry to come off as short here, but man, this is ridiculous. I have had the game since Christmas and I have submitted AT LEAST 10 error reports due to the game constantly crashing, and Ive had to restart multiple quests because they bug out and won’t let me proceed further without restarting my entire game. Other than these issues, which is making me hate the game— I love it. Please don’t make me hate this game. Please. 

I will take literally any help at this point. Thank you for reading. 

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Hi 2Zorru,


We're sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue and apologize for the late reply.

Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, are you playing the game on a PS4 Base model or a PS4 Pro?


It's possible this is a low memory crash. If you're crashing every time, I would suggest trying the following:

1 - Make a Manual Save of your current progress, so it doesn't get overwritten (Open the pause menu > Save Game)

2 - From the main menu, load a save game named 'Last Shelter Visited' (this is the save from the last time you entered a safehouse)

3 - Progress to the Wellington Health Institute 

4 - See if the crash still occurs


To help us troubleshoot the issue, you can also send us your We Happy Few save files:

1 - Ensure you have a USB Flash Drive formatted in FAT32 format

2 - Insert the USB Drive into your PS4

3 - Goto: Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Copy to USB Storage Device > We Happy Few > Select All > Copy

4 - Once the data has been transferred, insert your USB Flash Drive into your PC

5 - Open the PS4 folder

6 - Right Click on 'SAVEDATA' and select 'Send to' > 'Compressed (Zipped) folder'

7 - E-mail us at support@compulsiongames.com and attach SAVEDATA.zip to the email




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