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Possibly Heinous Package Missing after Starting as "Apprentice"

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Platform: PC

Version: 1.5.72378 (newest according to Steam)


I was starting the Mission in the Butchers House and everything went fine. I sabotaged the Extruder and when the Butcher came i attacked him. After that the Broken Eviscerator Part was missing. Since i couldnt find it anywhere i enabled the console to give it to me. When i loaded back into the Game i could give the part to me but i couldnt do anything since the Package is now missing from the Extruder. I used ghost to get out of the house and check the other locations but to no avail. I reloaded the game a few times but no luck. When i ghost out of the house now everything is missing from my inventory since i cant regain it. And when i die i will be spawned back in the Butchers Lair.


Hope you can help me with a spawn command for the Package or something.

Kind Regards,



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