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Hi,dev team of we happy few...I posted this topic at general discussion,but you did not reply.so I will try again in bugs and technical support...I love the game very much,but I have huge fps drops when I am outside...I have an i7 4790 proccessor,16 gb of ram and a gtx 970 graphic card...my fps goes from 60 to something like 30 fps and I know that my rig can handle this game at high settings at constant 60 fps,so will you please fix this in the upcoming patch???There is one more thing...when it is sundown,the game turns to a constant 60,but only at sundown...during day and night the fps is all over the place.Thank you!!!

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We're sorry to hear you're experiencing fps drops.

Unfortunately fps can dip in some areas of the game, especially in the Village or Parade. 


Turning off V-Sync or lowering other settings, such as shadows, may help increase fps.




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