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Are Small Story Choices An Eventual Possibility?

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Firstly I would like to congratulate everyone at Compulsion games for this really fun experience. I happily paid for and am currently enjoying the We Happy Few stories. I just completed Aurthurs act and am starting Sallys.  However, one thing concerns me: story choice. 

WHF is often compared to Bioshock Infinite with good reason, and while WHF has a LOT more features than Bioshock, there is one aspect that WHF lacks: story choice. Bioshock Infinite is a completely linear game but the story does include choices that doesn't affect the overall story beyond a small aesthetic change or getting/missing a powerup, and yet it's very significan't. For example, one of the first choices the player is presented within Bioshock Infinite is whether or not to harm an interracial couple which is being accosted by the crowd. You can choose to throw a baseball at the couple, throw it at the @sshole announcer, or do nothing. That's 3 choices that don't affect the overall story in any way but give the player the feeling of choice. What you decide will radically define who you are no matter what else happens.

Image result for bioshock infinite raffle scene

I guess what I'm asking is, can the development team please let me not be a jerk to Sally, Ollie, etc? It doesn't have to affect the storyline, just let me decide what type of person Arthur (and his friends) will become. It would make it so much easier to connect with him and the other two characters. If 3 options is too many, at least please give me a total of 2, a positive and negative. It would be massively appreciated. Arthur and his friends will still be mildly terrible people even if they treat each other fairly. 



Again thanks to everyone on the development team who made this fantastic game. I look forward to doing everything within my power to help them debug and perfect this experience.  

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The lack of story choice - with the exception of Arthur's two big choices - was partly a result of bandwidth. We just didn't have enough level designers and animators to make small story choices.

However, it is key to the story that certain characters are terrible to certain other characters. Everyone in our world has been broken by the experiences they've had. If we let the player play these characters as less terrible, then that might come through intellectually, but maybe not emotionally. 

To get back to Bioshock Infinite, it kind of lets you off the hook, doesn't it? You can throw the baseball at the announcer. But the truth of the situation is that lots of ordinary, decent people would throw the ball at the interracial couple, and then feel horrible about it, and then attempt to justify their actions to themselves for the next thirty years.

Our story is about memory and denial. Those have a terrible cost. If you felt uncomfortable, well, then you entered into that. Which is awesome, and thank you. 

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