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Can’t save on second play through

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I’m playing on XBox One, with Build v1.572492. 

Once I get to “Quest Found: The Two Musketeers,” I can’t save the game, manually or otherwise. I can get as far as the nearest hatch. After that, I can continue playing, but I can’t save it. I’ve gotten as far as Haworth Labs, with Thomasina House , Sub Terra Sub Rosa, and Sum of the Parts in between, but every time I go on holiday, I end up back at the hatch in Eel Pie Holm. 

What’s up? 

Thank you. 

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The game definitely can prevent saving depending on where you are (certain encounter areas will block saving by design), however it really sounds like you are simply incapable of saving at all, or that something is failing along the way.

Would you mind telling us whether the items in your inventory are saved? The game will save the World State and Character States separately, and so that can, and has caused some confusion. Having you respawn in Eel Pie Holm all the time definitely indicates something isn't quite right here.


Jean-Philippe Leighton
Compulsion QA

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