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Non-Lethal Kills end up Killing People!?

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Firstly I would like to say I'm very thankful to everyone at Compulsion games for creating such an interesting and unique game. I'm 15 hours in and I'm already addicted. I love setting, the story, and I appreciate all the elements that help keep the game interesting (such as survival elements). 

I've always been a pacifist gamer, which is why I am taking the non-lethal rout (I love that you have that btw), however, I'm running into bugs.  

Anything besides a chokehold eventually kills someone. I can win a fist fight or zap somebody with an electric truncheon and knock them unconscious, but whenever I sleep or travel I always find them dead when I return. The game doesn't seem to be counting this against me as actual kills, but it's disheartening to see deceased bobbies and wellies you tried so hard not to kill. 

I'm not entirely sure if this is my fault or a bug, but I would appreciate someone telling me what's going wrong, especially since there isn't a whole lot of documentation on this game on any of the wikis.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @michael4771, I'm very sorry to hear that this bug is ruining your pacifist playthrough. You aren't alone in experiencing it and It's been reported by other players like yourself.

We've not been able to reproduce it ourselves as of yet but from the information we've collected it appears that if an NPC has a takedown performed on them when there is a corner or collision between you and them, it is more likely to happen. Does that sound like what you're seeing? Any more information you can give us would be very helpful.

We want you to know that the team is working on an upcoming patch that should address issues like the one you've mentioned above but I don't have an exact date for you yet.
Again, I'm sorry that you're experiencing this issue.

Thank you for using the forums.
Have a nice day.

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Thanks for the reply. So far I've only used fists and electric truncheon and there doesn't appear to be a pattern.

I messed up my stealth in the Headboys fortress in the garden district and had to fight the three guarding the gate in hand to hand combat. I returned sometime later to find them all deceased. 

Likewise the first guy who attacks you in the first safe house was dead when I returned. 

None of my non-lethal choak-hold victims has died. They all get back up and resume their patrols. 

As I've stated, everyone who was knocked out without the choakhold has been first knocked out then been found dead upon my return. 

I'm not sure if the game was programmed this way, but any Wellies who happen upon an unconscious body talk like the victim is already dead. Whether or not this is a bug, I'm hoping the Developers will eventually allow unconscious victims to be awakened by their comrades, or at least have their comrades talk like they're unconscious and not dead.

Thank you so much for the reply. You and your team seem genuinely concerned about fixing bugs and I'm grateful.

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