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missing floor near train station

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Hello, I've been enjoying the game so far, but I've came across a game breaking bug. Near the train station, well, let's just say part of the world is basically missing. I've seen playthroughs online, the game is far from looking like that for everyone else. . You can clearly see this is a bug. I've installed the game on another computer (fresh, brand new install of WHF) but still using my game save, I'm afraid I have the exact same problem.

I have the game on gog. I provided my game save as It may help your teams understand what is going on.

The ground has been like that since I've come across the bridge after getting the access card. Everything else inside the game seems to be perfectly fine, and on my high end pc graphics are just amazing.

It just seems that part of the town has vanished into thin air. Please tell me if you need any additional piece of information, as I'm really eager to solve this problem and get back in Wellington Wells :).

missing floor.png


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Hi @beretfantasy, The reason you didn't see a change in the map when you installed the game onto a different PC is because your woldseed is set once you start a game and only changes when you start a fresh playthrough.
I'm sorry to say that you've encountered a very rare issue with your world generation.
If I'm correct in believing that you're having trouble passing over the missing space then there is a way you will be able to proceed but it will require you to unlock the console commands.
I will give you the steps here, please read through them carefully. If there's a problem with one of the steps please let me know.

Find the game folder in the Documents (C:\Users\%Username%\Documents\My Games\We Happy Few).
Go to the folder Config, and then the folder WindowsNoEditor.
Open Input.ini file using Notepad or similar software.
Write the following lines in the document:|


(Text might already be present in the document keybinds were changed. Do not erase the text. The new lines can be added at the end of the file.)
Save the document and close it.
Start the game.
The debug console is now accessible in-game by pressing the top left key (~ on an English keyboard), right under “ESC”. Not all keyboard layouts are supported. Default to English US if there are any problems.
It can be closed by pressing “ESC”.

When you've opened the console in-game Type "Ghost" and then press enter.
You will be able to move yourself to the other side of the island where you couldn't reach previously.
Once you're in the right place type "Walk" and then press enter.

Now, with this knowledge you might be tempted to go wherever you please but I have to warn you that if you don't use the debug console wisely than there is a risk of quests breaking and an inability to proceed with the rest of the game.

Let me know if this works!
Thank you for using the forums~

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I finally got time to try this : worked like a charm, I reached the military base without any issues.

Will the world reset itself once I get to sally's chapter, or was the world built for all three campaigns?


Anyway , thank you very much for your quick answer, really helped me :).

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