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I'm  replaying the game, and this where the bugs I couldcould catch. I'll post later about the others acts.

Xbox 1
Version 1.4/1.5

The menu: cinema
If you pause the video for approximately five minutes, the subtitles are gone and I think they aren't in sync with the video (sometimes is rushing and some other dragging)

Borrow Holm

Arthur clImbed and he sank on the floor. When he got out I could see his hands moving while walking (which I think looks cool) and when he was digging it looked shapeless. It all fix when entering to the headboy camp (it's also great that the bugs can fix themselves when loading)

Eel Pie Holm

Sometimes some herbs (specially the "serbia") cannot be picked up.

When getting out of the house refuge it seems to be a little lag. (it happened to me a lot, even in version 1.3). Also while walking (on a random place of the holm) it seemed to happen the same thing.

On the mission The Still of the Night, the description of the action changes language, in my case English instead of Spanish

When finding the quest duck soup, Arthur says the line, but after that he spontaneously  says it's again.

This happen just one time. But when digging the chest wasn't there, it appeared until the third digging.

In the refugee the bobbies appear like they are alive when they are dead.

In the night sometimes there are footprints when there's no one.

When loading the game it sounds like a Tesla turbine is activated.

The scene where you talk with Lightbearer for the first time it does not have subtitles  

This is kind of a question and if not its a very important bug to fix. I can't remember the name of the quest, but is when you learn to make the rubber suit. This is my second time playing it and I couldn't find the quest. I searched all over the place

St George Holm

In the refugee rains inside the house. Same in Haworths Lab

In the queue "El mozo del carnicero" when you try to talk to an impatient person it doesn't play the video. Instead it's like just any other PNJ

Investigating the Haworth's lab when you find the subjects you start hearing people cheering for Lightbearer.

Doing the meatboy quest, when carrying Ed I trow him and suddenly I did a massive jump to the sky and fell (obviously I had critical damage)

While robbing the house of the doctors the subtitles went crazy. And a Doctor is in the middle of the table. And it still changes the language in some instructions.

It is supper complicated to load a save game being here. While loading the game, the bar was full and it was all normal but when Arthur was supposed to appear it all was black. It happened 3 times already, it didn't when I saved at St George.

Malpractice of Doctors, when entering the health institute the subtitles didn't shown.

In the last scene the subtitles are in Spanish and English.


Sometime when I try to neutralize someone, when I approach them they are already dead.

When talking to a pnj the get sunk and get stuck in the same place but the animation of walking still works

The subtitles don't show up correctly, in other words you cannot read when you hear/watch Uncle Jack


When carrying the meatboy to deliver the packages (the pub was too far in my map). Í was walking when suddenly crashed.








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Jocelyne, thank you very much for taking the time to write this all up. We'll take some time this week to see if these issues are present in other languages.

People who help us pinpoint issues like those you wrote above help us make the game better :)

We really appreciate it.

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Xbox 1
Version 1.5

Act II - Sally

The inventory and stores
The square that indicates which item are you choosing doesn't appear. It fixed when reloading the game.

I noticed that the name repeats below the statistics of the thing you want to craft, but sometimes it repeats in English instead of Spanish.

This is a question, if not a bug then. In the menu, when you pass all your crafting to the cabin it appear "are you sure" Í think in my case should be "¿estás seguro?.

St. George's Holm
There are a lot of bugs, the buildings are gone and you can pass through them.

The NPC sitting as single or With someone they do not stand up or dash. (Yeih!)

When visiting Harry, I had to reload the game because it didn't let me interact with the door, and it was the same.  So I crouch and it was a bug with the door,  I could interact while crouching.

NPC's are sunk in the ground but they move. In other words they have no feet, specially the bobbies.

A Lady playing hoptscoch under a bench. She can play as it the bench wasn't there. Also I sat down and she pass through me.

Kinda question if not, a bug. I was past curfew and bobbies were over me, but I came into my house and lock with the card and the still could break into my house.

There was a couple in a bench and I talked to them. But him stood up and left, but the girl returned to the position as if she was lying on him.
Trying to watch Uncle Jack there was the TV light but there wasn't a TV.

Lud's Holm

Í was returning to the bridge to go to St Georges and pleggies where attacking me but then the sun rises but they still fighting with me. A similar situation happened to me the first time I played it as Arthur but when the sun had risen the pleggis disappear.

I was distracting the NPC's so I could get the water but it didn't let me interact with the tap.

While hiding in the flowers the phrase "you are concealed" didn't show. In this case it wasn't a situation were I could be causing any trouble.

Trying to pick up a string it didn't let me interact.

I was running away from a bunch of angry people and it was a success, but then the others downers kept telling me to stop running "you're making me dizzy", I think they changed their chip or something and started behaving as wellies.

Quest about fixing a hydrnat (?) the whistler trying to fix it goes through the other downer who stand aside of the hydrant.

Quest with the witches. When you are climbing the mountain and you can hear what they are saying at the second time we have to go there the subtitles don't show up.
Finding one box it didnt let me interact with (fixed when reloading)

Walking to the camp, even though I already pass the two gates I could still read the story of the elephant.

The phone boot was lifted up in the air.

In the quest bad dreams it appears in the map without a name until you get there, I don't know if that the mechanics work that way I haven't noticed before.

Johnny Bolton, I found him outside his tree house.


The subtitles when hearing/watching Uncle Jack were correct when starting the act, but when loading the game it came back as in Artur's act.

The NPC's that are stuck on the floor they walk but they don't move.

Footprints appear and no one's there.

The subtitles changes in the menu.

Using the nose drill (Í don't remember the name) you could see the drill trough the nose.

With the vaporizer with "sueñidina" some NPC don't actually fall asleep.

Sally screams at nothing when nothing happens.

The language changes, in my case English instead of Spanish

When you knock out or kill someone and wellies come to see it they stand too far away or they think they are seeing a body and nothing is there.

Going for the first time to the witches.
Knocking on the witches door
When the witches gave us a mission for the first time. (I could avoid the crash skipping the video)

Loading to play with Ollie.

And a suggestion, when interacting with an npc that is part of a quest, the person should move to face us. For example, with Peachy the crying woman talked to me but giving me her back.

























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