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We Happy Few FAQ

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Hey all,

Before you create a new thread, here is some basic information:

On what platforms will WHF be released on?

We Happy Few is currently available on Windows PC (Early Access and GOG.com Games in Development) and Xbox One (Game Preview). We have also announced PS4 which will be available for the full release and the Mac/Linux versions will arrive shortly after the full release.

The game is not exclusive to Windows 10.

If you have the game on Xbox One but would like to play on PC, you can wait until the game launches on Play Anywhere which will be ready for 1.0

I have purchased the Early Access, do I have to pay again once the full game releases?

Oh dear, no, you are settled.

I have purchased the Early Access, what do I get?

You get the pre-order bonus the Jolly Brolly. Your game will automatically update to the full game on August 10.

We Happy Few bugs or issues with buying or installing the game:

Please file a ticket to Gearbox support at <https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new …> and they'll get back to you as soon as they can.

I am a Kickstarter backer, what do I get?

You get the Jolly Brolly and the Season Pass. Your game will automatically update to the full game on August 10.

When will WHF be released?

We Happy Few will be released worldwide both digital and retail August 10, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Why Early Access?

Since March 2015, we have been building We Happy Few openly with our community. First at PAX East, then with our Kickstarter pre-alpha players, and now on Early Access. However, this is a fully 3D procedural world, intended to be played over and over again, with multiple playstyles, and with multiple characters. We need solid feedback to make sure that we create the best game we can, and Early Access has already made the game substantially better. Our last major content update was the Life in Technicolour update[link], our next update will be the full release.

When will I receive my Kickstarter rewards?

The keys to the game, the posters and T-shirts have been sent (if you haven’t received yours, email us at support@compulsiongames.com).

The soundtrack and the art book are coming very soon around launch time. All the merchandise will be shipped once we release the game (no early spoilers!).

Can I record footage or live stream?

Absolutely. For more info on content creation policy, click here.

Can I send you my ideas for your next game?

We don’t have enough time to implement our own ideas! 

Will you translate the game in [...]?

The final version of the game will be officially localized in: French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese.

But there is also currently a Steam Workshop for community localization!


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