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Sally's Chapter Review

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Right, so I just made it through Sally's chapter and it took me a while to warm up to her as a character. 

I found the baby-needs mechanic super daunting in the beginning, and I had a terrible time with loading screens hitting me every block on her island. Going from Arthur's "do whatever you want" gameplay to Sally's weak, restrictive, tedious chapter was a hard adjustment. Once you patiently wait for the baby feeder it opens up her world a bit more, but it was almost too stressful in my opinion. Probably wouldn't change it, now that I know what to expect.

Another thing that struck me about her chapter is that her chemical knowledge and tools are basically useless. I played through the entire thing without ever touching one of the atomizers and relative potions because it was easier to just syringe people. I know that's supposed to be her defining mechanic, but I think it needs some kind of elevation in the storyline so the player is forced to use it at least once and can then see the value. 

While there were lots of tutorial tips about the baby, there weren't enough about Sally's crafting imo. I admit it took me at least an hour of running around in the gardens to figure out those tall red bushes were foxglove, which means I spent a lot of gameplay without being able to craft key items. A similar issue happened with the knockout syringes. Took me too long to figure out where in the craft menu they were, so I spent most of the game without them and just bashed people to death.

Lastly, I might have had terrible RNG so that during the witches quest I was running at least 1.1k kilometers between quest points. It sucked. Without all that running, it makes me wonder just how short Sally's chapter really is.


  • Change the foxglove to pink or purple so it stands out from the roses
  • Users should be forced to use atomizer at least once
  • Categories in crafting menu to make it easier to find what you're looking for (healing, drugs, weapons, buffs)



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This is interesting, and I definitely agree. I found her character fairly disappointing from a female point of view; she was disadvantaged purely because of her sex and her "advantages" were hardly that. I didn't find the chemicals useful at all (although that was my combat run so that may change when I get to her chapter on my stealth run), and the fact that she is mechanically useless doesn't make any sense -- she's "brilliant" and "petite" (i.e. small, dextrous hands) yet can't work mechanics? Doesn't make sense. Waiting around while men make us stuff wasn't all that engaging, either.

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I kinda like sally game play, my only real complaint was that by the time i got use to her, and unlock some of chemicals, all of her fun quest was more or less finshed. I honestly did  all her quest  and feel empty inside. p.s. please add more lily, can't find any and have to buy it.

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I wasted a lot of time in my first play-through as Sally trying to find bobby pins and charcoal. I don't understand how a character who's supposed to be such a brilliant chemist can't make charcoal. I also don't understand how a woman who's supposed to be the hottie "it girl" of this world doesn't have access to a bobby pin. Arthur even says that he learned how to make lock picks while getting in trouble with Sally as a youngster, so why can't she make lock picks? 

I have never been able to make and use the hallucinex atomizer. 

Otherwise, I thought the limitations (feeding, changing and holding Gwen) were reasonable expectations of the game. 

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