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Machine: Xbox One 1TB
Version: 1.4.7

Arthur's chapter went very well! Only crashed once or twice. Sally's chapter, however, is a bit buggier.

Bugs so far:

Frequent Game Crashing: This is different than the crashing experienced pre-1.4. The screen usually goes black, there's no audio, and it eventually kicks me to the home screen. It usually accompanies a message from XBL asking if I have rights to the game, to insert the disc, or to purchase the game to own it. This might be a problem on Microsoft's side, but I thought it was worth mentioning. I do not currently own a paid XBL membership.

Loading Screens: It seems Sally's world is very resource heavy. I go a few blocks from her door and I'm hit with a loading screen. A few more blocks, another loading screen. They're most frequent in the Joy districts.

See-Through Walls? It's possible that one of the walls in her house is see-through, reminiscent of the bug with the Thomasina house. The up side is NPCs can't se me, but if someone is dead inside Sally's lab they react outside on the street. [old lady angrily yodeling]

Failed to Start: While changing the nappy, the game froze. No audio cues of a crash, just frozen. I manually quit the game, and upon trying to load it the Xbox threw an error about the game taking too long to start. Then my Xbox restart. Might be on their end, not sure.


I'll take notes as I play and either add to this list or create another thread once I get farther into things. Keep in mind all of this has happened within 1-2 hours of Act II, so I haven't made much progress at all.

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