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Console Commands

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So, while wondering around Wellington Wells and playing the Pre-Alpha, I decided to see what console commands were present and functioning in the game. I've compiled a list down below of the ones I've found that work.


Note: Press ~ or ` to open the console


Commands List:

Fly - Enables flying

Ghost - Similar to Fly but with the ability to go through walls etc like noclip

Walk - Disables fly/ghost, be sure to use it close to the ground or you'll die from fall damage

God - Enables/disables god mode

Heal - Heals yourself

Unbreakable - Enables/disables your weapon's durability

AIIgnorePlayers - All the Wastrels, Wellies, Bobbies etc will ignore you. Type this in again to disable/reenable it (Note: It is aiignoreplayers, it is a i, not an L)

Give ITEMNAME - Gives the specified item. E.g. give Branch (Items with a space in their name do not need to be put in quotations e.g. give Holster Expansion Kit)

GiveN ITEMAMOUNT ITEMNAME - Similar to give, but you can specify the amount you want. Same thing that applies to give applies to this.

Travel MAPNAME - Travels to the specified map (This is VERY buggy and can possibly cause your game to crash!)

SetTime HOURS MINUTES - This sets the time. Minutes MUST be specified, even if they are 00.(Note: The time is in 24 hours so if you wanted it to be 1 PM for example, type SetTIME 13 00)

SetDay DAYNUMBER - This sets the day in game. (E.g SetDay 3) This would set it to Day 3. This COULD be used to temporarily disable the 1 week timer before game ends, I personally haven't tested it out yet.

SetDay AndTime DAYNUMBER HOURS MINUTES - Same as the two commands above, except they are combined together

Teleport - Teleports you to where you are looking at

ChangeSize SIZENUMBER - Changes your size

ce COMMAND - Sort of like a dev tool to see the variables of certain things or when an event happens

DamageTarget DAMAGEAMOUNT - Damages the target you are looking at with the specified amount

DestroyTarget - Kills the target you are looking at

DemiGod - Similar to God

QuickSave - Saves the game

QuickLoad - Loads the last save

PlayersOnly - Disables AI

KillEmAll - Kills everyone

SloMo SLOMOAMOUNT - Sets slow-motion to the specified amount.


More to be found soon :)

Hopefully this helped some of you if you wanted to mess around in the game.

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