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Update 6.2: Additional Menu Options, Crash Fixes, and Bug Fixes

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Happy Wednesday, everyone! This update 6.2 addresses a large number of crashes and bugs reported by the community over the past few days. It also adds a number of requested options and performance optimizations. As always, we welcome all positive and negative feedback on the forums.


New features / changes


- Audio options menu implemented: you may now separately customize the volume of dialogue, sound effects and music

- Graphical options menu now includes the ability to customize the graphical quality, and a gamma slider

- Game now autodetects which resolutions your monitor supports

- New look for on/off buttons, boxes and sliders

- “Save Game” removed from menu

- There is now a “Resume” option in the menu


Crash fixes


- Fix crash occurring when repeatedly attempting to use a quick slot item while recoiling from a hit

- Fix crash occurring when pressing the text for the Resolution menu entry

- Fix crash occurring after taking power cells from certain security capacitors

- Fix crash occurring when unequipping certain outfits after using the heal cheat code (you cheeky buggers)

- Reworked the broadcasting functionality, fixing a few crashes and more minor bugs

- Fixed crashes occurring when you are interrupted while taking an action


Bug fixes


- Fixed melee collision detection at low framerates

- Reduced the number of ragdolls falling through the floor/walls

- Reduced the max velocity of ragdolls, hopefully won’t fly into the sky too much any more

- Goodbye darkness my old friend (fixed lighting in shelters when on low settings, hopefully no more black screens of death)

- Moved places of interest on chairs so that AIs no longer sit inside armchairs

- Fixed memory leak in world builder, which was causing the game to use more and more ram on subsequent saved games

- The main screen menu controls have been disabled while inside the console


Performance Optimizations


- Re-enabled eye adaptation on low visual quality settings

- Reduced overhead of audio systems



For those of you on the forums, there are a few issues that are not yet fixed. The fullscreen/minimization issues a couple of you have been experiencing are not yet fixed, as the solution is fairly complex (until then we recommend using the -windowed workaround). Likewise, AMD cpu machines are likely to experience an increase in framerate in this update, but some more underlying issues need to wait until we integrate Unreal Engine 4.8 (until then, we suggest waiting until the Navmesh Generation is complete - keep an eye on the bottom left hand side of the screen).


So, we'll be working on more optimizations and performance improvements for the next patch, but as the major issues should be fixed, we are going to get back to work on the game itself in preparation for update 7. In the meantime, have fun in Wellington Wells!

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Thank you guys for this update! And especially for performance optimizations. Now the game runs at times better and smoother than before.

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