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6.1 Pre-Alpha Feedback (may contain spoilers)

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First off, I would like to congratulate Team Compulsion for the successful kickstarter and the amazing game that they have turned out thus far!

Onto the Feedback:


Having turned on WHF for the first time in this build, I was very intrigued by the concept and the potential story line that will come about as development progresses.


Things I liked:

- The absence of food in the outskirts of Wellington Wells: This forces the player to push into the city before fully exploring the section and gives the player a feeling of freshness every time they die since they didn't spend much time in the outskirts to begin with.

- The strength of the Wellies: I was very surprised by the overall fierceness of the wellies the first time one caught me off guard on a stairwell and knocked me out of my game! Since then I knew to fear them and always cross to the other side of the street when I passed by.

- Combination system works very well and has many amazing items: I definitely enjoyed the combination options and cannot wait for more to be introduced.


Things I did not like:

- Utility Expansions far too common: Perhaps after the player finds one (because that's all they need), the rest turn into pocket expansions? It's unfortunate to find after the 1st time, annoying after the 4th.

- Having Chemical and Mechanical stations at the start: Although an interesting "roll", it is largely unneeded and a hindrance to the player instead of receiving actual starting items.

- Bobby (the police?) reaction to alarms a little much: This might be a bug but every time I touched a silent alarm, a Bobby would spawn. By the time I had went through a particular house and hit the alarm multiple times, I looked out the window to find a black mob of Bobbies within and outside the house door. I believe during the despawn of these Bobbies did my game crash.


Requests for future builds:

- A bigger reaction to corpses: Wellies don't really care about corpses in the street or in the homes. I have seen that they will look down at the bodies... but I'm not sure if they are surprised by the corpse or making facial direction connection as if the corpse was standing up.

- Longer time delay for empty (because I killed them) house re-population: I seemed to find that after cleaning out a house (robbing it), as I would walk out the back door and come around the front, there were already 4 Wellies lined up to fill the house back up.

- water bar to drain much faster than food bar: This will force the player to make harsher decisions such as bringing more purified water bottles from the outskirts, using precious cloth to purify joy-laced water bottles, or face the Joy-ful experience of drinking regular bottled water and dealing with the consequences.

- Have a few of the large buildings available to enter: I personally would love to have large apartment buildings or even department stores to enter. The experience would be equal times exciting and terrifying.

- More uses for the Empty Syringe: They are far too common for what combinations are available, especially given Joy is a pill. Perhaps a downer syringe that doubles the side effect of Joy or eliminates it from the body and causes the Wellie to divulge information or cause a distraction.


Thank you all for such an amazing job and I cannot wait for the next build!

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About "them" not caring about bodies in the streets: I read what I was able of the newspaper, and the article about the Victory Forces, or Victory Men (going on memory here), which had a quote or paraphrase of "The less there are alive, the more there is for the rest if us." Maybe this is why they're not too concerned about deaths?

Next time I'm in, I'll have another look-see. Pure speculation on my end.


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