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Bugs, glitches and general stuff I found

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So this is what I found so far.


- When changing the Use button (normally E) the 'Take All' option when looting does not change with it, it stays as the E button.

- There seems to be a slight form of skipping in the music, sounds like little 'pops', not for the piano part but the background part (hope that makes sense).

- Posters, puddles and fallen leaves show through scenery (ground, trees, plants, etc.), but not through buildings.

- There are some instances of floating grass at the edges of the islands.

- One event (helping and feeding an injured Wastrel) the Wastrel was invisible. This quest I've also seen within the Village, the Wastrel was invisible there as well.

- When climbing up to something high you end up crouched. (Not sure if this is a bug or a design choice, thought I'd mention it even though it's not a problem).

- Found a rubble pile half sticking out of the sidewalk which was unlootable.

- At times the sidewalk (when coming at it from outside, trying to get unto the street) is so high that you have to jump or climb it.

- After dinking you hear an eating sound.

- I can walk through trees.

- In some of the houses in the Waste there are these big orangey couches and chairs, the legs of Wastrels who sit in those go through them.

- I found a strange mesh of graphics that got me stuck while attempting to go into the door (doing the jump/crouch waltz got me out)( see img below).


- I've seen several instances of windows looking closed, but being registered as open. If I attempt to close them they pop open and start their closing animation.

- Had an instance where the corner of one house in the Village phased into another house, rendering several cupboards unusable.

- Used the 'Take down' on a Villager who was lying on her bed, her corpse flipped out and was pulled from time/space.

- Several police officers did not react while attacked, they had the red eye above them but just stood there with empty hands while I beat them to death. They had nothing lootable afterwards.

- When walking from the bridge unto the island, I sometimes get stuck on an invisible elevation which I either have to go around of or jump over.

- Within the Village a trap event spawned, a table with stuff on it, sticking out of a building (see img below). When going near I get attacked by Wastlers. They in turn where attacked by the Villagers.


- I've found several instances where you can look through a building (the ones you can't enter) if you push yourself up against the wall (handy in a pinch, but probably not intended)(see img below)



If I find more I'll post them in this thread.

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- When changing the Use button (normally E) the 'Take All' option when looting does not change with it, it stays as the E button.


That's intended! Coupling UI inputs to game inputs is too restrictive, so they are separate inputs. But UI inputs aren't configurable just yet, I'm working on other configuration options right now but UI remappings are on that short list. If you want it to be on the same button, that'll be possible.

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I don't have the screenshots currently, but I have experienced some glitches as well:


-Character models for wastrels flying into the sky after going rag doll onto a sloped surface.

-collision detection when trying to walk from street onto sidewalks.

-parts of neighboring houses generated inside of other houses.


A suggestion I would make, is having audio options. (tweaking the music/sfx levels to hear dialogue easier.)

This is pre-6.2 preview, if those were fixed in the preview, i'll edit.

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I see, thank you for your response.


Some other things I've found:

- I spawned into a large shelter with an extra room, the bed and low cupboard in this room where both unusable.

- Corpses (and if I'm not mistaken living NPC's) merge with the details on the ground (flags, puddles, leafs, etc.). (see img below)


- I've noticed that Villigers often seem to verbally react to me as if I've greeted them, even when I don't, when walking past them.

- Some of the enterences of the houses in the Village spawn outside the map. (see img below)


- There is a significant 'lag' between the video of Jack on tv and the sound.

- When on the street there are both a tv and speakers near eachother you hear Jack double with about a second in between both audios.

- Seen some instances of grass from the garden growing through the sidewalk.


Lastly here is an image of one of the events that seems to be a Waste event spawning inside the Village;


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- In one of the houses in the Village a part of the bed consistently doesn't load/show. (see img below)


- This was a pretty interesting one; I found one of the Wastlers stuck in the ground up to his hips. I used take down on him and got myself stuck in his place, unable to get out. I quit to the main menu and reloaded the save. Immediately jumping after getting back into the game made the character climb out of the ground. I was then a lot taller than before, barely being able to fit through the door. Crouching once got me back to normal.

- Killed a Villager who was sleeping upstairs, got a surprise when I got back downstairs. (see img below)


- May have found a game breaking one; I found the event in the Village with the house that's locked down, alarm ringing and the Bobby standing outside trying to get in. When you climb in through the window in the alley the right hallway is blocked with a barricade of furniture. I tried to climb over it (done that before in previous playtroughs without problems), but somehow got stuck in the middle. I alternated between infinite freefall and crouch/stand vibration. I was able to get out and decided to try another way of getting across, I climbed the bookcase on the left. I found myself here;


Have as of yet been unable to get out. Reloading the game loads me standing, but unable to move or jump. If I crouch I am then unable to stand up again.

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Hahaha, it looks like your playthrough is populated by Wellies with the same power as Kitty Pryde. (Must be the weather. I found a wastrel merged with a wall last night.)


I haven't hit permanent stuckness yet, but some people have shared console commands and I think ghost or fly is usually advised to get out of those kind of situations.

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OK, so just signed up, I've had the code from kickstarter for a while ... but ...


Where on earth is the download link? I'm fairly sure I chose the steam version .... Ooooooh,

I vaguely remember a 'redeem voucher ...' screen shot ( Face ... meet rather stupid palm ) .... lets try that ... (sorry for spam ...)

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I've also had a problem with a building cutting into another building restricting my access to the second floor within Wellington Wells. It doesn't happen very often but something you guys should be aware of. The most intrusive bug I've experienced is sometimes going uphill within the village I get stuck forcing me to have to jump to move, and then the wellies start getting suspicious.


On another note, I don't find greeting the Wellies to help decrease their suspicion of me and instead makes things worse. The best tactic I found is to just walk away and get out of the situation.

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@Gangrelcat, just letting you know I just pushed this change:




It will make it in the next update. One thing of note -- the "Open Inventory" key when looting is in fact the Player Menu key, since that key is meant to contextually open the proper menu whenever something relevant happens.


In the meantime, I'd like to point out that I lied by omission in my last post -- I'd forgotten that the keys for looting are already rebindable, just not through the interface. If you follow the procedure listed in this thread, you should be able to edit them.


Take All






Open Inventory


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