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The original Alpha 6.0 when it was generating the level had a console showing the number of buildings and other things generated which didn't make the wait seem quite so bad. The Alpha 6.1 just has a "busy" spinner so it doesn't give an idea of how long you have to wait.


I was looking at TV idents at the weekend and realised that the BBC Schools and Colleges TV continuity had several countdown clocks that one could employ as a WWBC countdown screen for building or loading a new level. Obviously if you're using the CPU for procedural generation you can't spend a lot of CPU driving a timer display.


The 1960s pie chart one is the most authentic one from that period. The latter half when the pie chart changes into the clock is what I was thinking of would be most suitable. It also has a nice classical music piece:



There are a couple of others that most people from that period will remember. In the 1970s there were the BBC 'Diamonds' that had an animated screen that had a jaunty piece of flute music and an electromechanical display that disappeared as the time ran out.



Another popular one from the 1970s was a simple display with a circle of dots that vanished as the time ran out.



Obviously the 1970s ones were later than the mid sixties Wellington Wells, but a simple countdown/clock display inspired by those put back to the sixties theme would help alleviate the wait for the player.


The other suggestion I could have made was a "WWBC startup screen" similar to this Picasso Test Card themed ATV startup but the wait isn't long enough to do that justice. It's a great way to get everyone up and active with a rousing piece of music as you start the new day in your maintenance bunker. It would fit with the surreal British era in We Happy Few... :D



Thanks, just though I'd chuck a few ideas out there :D

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