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Screenshots of bugs/glitches in 6.1

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First one is after killing someone and then going back into my starting hole and then coming back out, I noticed that the bodies I dropped seemed to have the leaves texture applied to them, not sure if this was intentional to show passage of time or not.


Next one doesn't show the outline anymore since F12 wouldn't work while holding CTRL but I killed a woman in the doorway and she fell between the building and road through the ground, I could get to her outline if I crouched there.


This one I noticed while looking for windows to jump in, I thought it was a bit high for an open window and then noticed I was looking at the inside of the model.


Next one I have seen instances like this a few times, seems two houses generated a little too close together but I was able to pass through the portions sticking through. Even with these, still impressed with the procedurally generated map.


Last one is just a bed texture that seemed to have glitched on one side and become transparent.


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