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I have been playing WHF sense 11/26/2017 and so far i have loved the game but because of it recent changes in development i have no idea what to do. My problem is that i have the Pre-Alpha version of WHF on steam, yes i can refund it at anytime but i'm not sure if that is the correct thing to do. To make this post less complicated i just ask of 3 questions.

1. Should I keep the Pre-Alpha Version?

2.If i were to keep it, am i able to play the full version and if i do, will i have to buy the Season Pass?

3. Will there be a change in marketing options? ( for example: Time Capsule Bundle has no game, will this change at all?)

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If you have the Early Access version of the game, you have already paid for the full game. Kickstarter backers will receive the Season Pass as well.

The Time Capsule Bundle will not contain the game, because it would cost too much to add a physical disk to the Time Capsule. 

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