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Minor Grammar and Spelling Corrections

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Because I'm a nitpicker and because proper grammar is essential for a professional polish on any project.


The tooltip for Cloth reads: Now you are a "man of the cloth." Or woman.

While this is correct in American English, in British English the full stop should be outside of the quotation marks. (Now you are a "man of the cloth". Or woman.) Since this game is set in England(?) I would assume you'd prefer to use UK grammar rules.


Empty Pill Bottle reads: It's for "Mints"

Appears to be lacking a full stop, which in this instance should also be outside of the quotation marks. Having "mints" be capitalized is fine, as I assume the bottle itself literally reads "Mints" with the big M and all.


Rotten Mushroom reads: Agaricus bisporus NOT at its finest. I suppose you could it it, if you had to.

First off, thank you so much for capitalizing the binomial nomenclature correctly and for the proper use of "its". The only thing wrong with this one is that you swapped out "eat" for "it" which is just a simple typo.


That's all for now! I'll add more whenever I happen to spot another grammar/spelling issue.


And this isn't to say I think the grammar is poor! It's more that I'd hate to see small overlooked errors marring an otherwise perfect body of text simply because nobody pointed them out. Overall the writing has been near immaculate, and it warms the cockles of my English nerd heart.

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Healing Balm Apply to your wounds to fight infection and disease

Missing a full stop.


Disposable Lockpick A one time use lockpick. Works on basic doors, containers or lockers.

Technically nothing wrong (aside from it being slightly more correct to spell "one time" with a hyphen), but every other example of listed items I've seen so far has used an Oxford comma, so you might want to add one here too for consistency's sake.

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