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Plague Cure Recipe Location??

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Hi there,


I was wondering if you guys could inform me on the location of the recipe for the plague cure...

all the guides I've looked at online show an out-dated version of the game. They all say to go to the Lud's Holm safehouse.

I've discovered it, killed all the plague victims inside it, and there's no chemical bench with a recipe on it...


Therefore either

1. The tutorials/walkthroughs I've seen are out of date


2. There's a second safehouse in the Lud's Holm district?


Or maybe I went to the right safehouse and became completely blind all of a sudden.

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I've played the LIT update. The recipe is found (and always was) on a desk after you go under the bridge GOING TO Lud's Holm. The dead bobby will alert you. It has nothing to do with the safe house. Other than a phencyclidine syringe...NOT the recipe.

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