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Slaughterer's Apprentice at a loss AGAIN

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Ok,so I have broke the machine,got my stuff back,but how the hell do I escape ??!! Keep getting zapped,I have hid where barrels are but have no clue what I am supposed to be doing now?! where is "Out"?


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Hi there,


The escape is by the ladder (the same way you came in). Don't be spotted by the butcher, otherwise the spankers will zap you.


If for some reason you can't use the ladder or the butcher isn't spawning, try the following:

1 - Goto Options > Developer Cheats > Ghost Mode ON

2 - Fly back up into the house

3 - Disable ghost mode

4 - Climb back down and put one item in the locker

5 - Take the item back out and run to the hiding spot

6 - Sneak past the Butcher and take the ladder back up


I hope this helps.





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