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Who is this Mysterious Thigh-Highs Lady, Anyway?

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Okay, I know we all assume she's Sally. I mean, her face is in Wellington, she has that syringe, she... is a character...


But then why wouldn't Compulsion tell us? Seriously, why not just come right out and call her Sally? If it's that obvious, why bother hiding it?


Well, maybe because she isn't Sally. Maybe because... she's Pru.


Okay, no, hold on, bear with me. I know this isn't the most popular theory. But I do have evidence!


Evidence: Maidenholm shelter. I've already talked in a different thread about how I believe that damp diary was written by Pru, but... what about that latex? What about the latex suit recipe we used to get there? Who do we know of who wears latex?






I don't know, someone's probably come up with this by now, but I feel like the clues are there.

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