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Oliphant's Office and Her Two Cat Statues

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Yes, I said two.


See, here's the thing: I play on XBox, and things bug out all the time. I honestly don't care about anything not too bad, which is why I didn't really pay any attention to the coffee machine clipping through the wall. Okay, yes, it was unusable. Sad face, but as it wasn't relevant to the encounter, I just... moved on, and mostly forgot about it.


Until I got to Oliphant's office (yes, after the entire place has been ransacked) and found three cat paintings and two cat statues.


First, I assumed the two facing the wall were a cue for the cat on that wall (the right wall, when you enter.) So I made it face the wall! Then I walked to the other one, and made that one face the door, since it seemed like that was where the white cat painting under the desk was facing.


(Well of course that didn't work, whoever is reading this undoubtedly thinks. You forgot the third cat statue, and those aren't even the positions those other statues should be facing!)


So I went on back over to the right-wall statue and suddenly got a prompt from Arthur to open the secret door-- whoops; I just assumed I was supposed to fiddle with the cats on account of the big 'Rotate' prompt-- where I decided to just brute-force this one. I tried all possible permutations with the two cats, basically.




But wait! There is a light on the left wall! I walk over, and around, and under, and there is nothing there. This, I tell my brother, is a sign that something is meant to be there. He has no idea what I'm talking about. I point out how the light on the right wall is on the cat statue; the left wall's light must be relating to another cat statue! Maybe I can move that middle statue to the left.


(You can't, you think.)


I can't.


Okay, I think at this point, I do not like to do this, but my brother is here and he is on his computer. Time to Google.


A Steam thread tells me there are three cat statues, but there are two in my room. There are two! One on the right, one behind the desk. Well, I guess it's Ghost Mode time--


Ghost Mode reveals a cat behind the left wall.


Well, I shove that wall (because shoving the wall next to the Right Wall Cat actually clips through the wall, visually, and into the secret room.) I punch that wall. I Ghost Mode in, on, and through that wall. In case someone wonders, Ghost Moding into the wall just clips me right back out when I'm done, and I can't Rotate that cat statue through the wall or while shoving it.


This is when I remember the coffee machine, and also when I realize I have been in this singular room since 8 PM. It is now 7 AM, and Arthur has not slept.


I have left the room. I don't have much hope for it fixing itself by the time I return/open the save file (that didn't happen with the coffee machine) but... oh well. I will figure something out, and if it has to be Ghost Moding directly into the secret room, so be it!


I would just like to know, first, if there's anything I can do about this, or if it's just... one of the known issues; things spawning in other areas.

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Hi there,


Sorry to hear you've encountered this issue. There is a known bug where filler buildings can clip into encounters and this sounds like what you're experiencing. We'll be addressing this for the 1.0 release of the game.


As for getting around the issue in your game, you should be able to simply ghost through the secret door. If you need more details on where it is, please feel free to ask here.


I hope this helps.




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