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Two tiny glitches in 6.1

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I was playing 6.1 this morning, and noticed two small glitches. The first was in world creation:


I'm not sure if there is an easy way to avoid situations like this, but I'm sure that this lamp post shouldn't normal be directly in front of a door, and sticking through the awning. I'm sure things like this have been pointed out before, but as a kickstarter backer, it's the first I've seen.


The next issue has to do with how the posters are handled:


You can see in this picture that the poster that should be on the wall of the building behind the tree can still be seen on the tree. It's like the tree texture isn't properly blocking the poster image from appearing.


Hopefully these pictures help, and feel free to ask any questions for more information. I'm having fun so far, so keep up the good work.

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Besides posters not being rendered on the correct side of objects, I also had it happen with the blood around the woman crying next to the chests.

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