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Crafting Recipes Thread

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I've noticed that the crafting recipes on the We Happy Few wiki is very outdated, therefore I'm introducing this thread where people can tell others their own crafting recipes. I won't be putting some very obvious recipes, but if you want them, someone in the thread can help you.


Jerky- 1x Rotting Meat 1x Saltpeter

Pure Water- 1x Water Filter 1x Tap Water

Medicated Balm- 2x Rowan Berry 2x Gilead Petal

Sandwich- 1x Bread 1x V-Meat


Fab Threads- 1x Proper Suit 2x Sewing Kit 3x Fine Linen

Rubber Cat Suit- 4x Shredded Raincoat 1x Sewing Kit

Boiler Suit- 2x Canvas Scrap 1x Sewing Kit

Spiky Suit- 1x Padded Suit 2x Sewing Kit 2x Metal Bits 4x Canvas Scrap


Electro Lock Shocker- 2x Mechanical Bits 1x Metal Bits 1x Duct Tape 1x Constable Keycard

Polarity Device- 2x Mechanical Bits 2x Metal Bits 1x Power Cell 1x Constable's Keycard


For Weapons, making black powder can result in unlocking these recipes, along with collecting sugar


Yams and Black Powder should unlock almost everything

If you need a recipe, feel free to ask, this should be a thread with lots of replies, and if you see something that I haven't fully addressed then respond to the thread.

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It looks like the wiki support is nonexistent (on the fanbase's part). What I have yet to see is a multitool. You need multitools to disarm the banger traps in the cellars but I've not seen a multitool through four different districts.

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