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6.1 Feedback and Suggestions

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The good:

* I'm loving the new Wastrel voices. The way they constantly ramble to themselves when they're alone reminds me a little bit of Bioshock's splicers.

* Thank you for reducing the load times on creating a world. On my machine they're less than half what they were on 6.0

* The new combat music is great.


The bad:

* I don't know about anyone else, but I've had some noticeable performance drops on High settings from 6.0. On 6.0 I was getting 60FPS fairly consistently after the world was fully loaded, but on 6.1 I'm pulling around 45. I know it's pre-alpha and it's to be expected for performance to jump around until it's better optimized, but I thought it was worth noting.

* I've probably just been getting unlucky, but I've been noticing a lot more oddities in level generation than I did last night. Mostly buildings clipping into one another, but at one point a scenario got broken (the one where Bobbies break into a house with a Wastrel in it) because a tree had randomly sprouted on the staircase.

* Can you guys please re-add the option to have the hunger/thirst/joy bars showing at all times? I like to have an eye on those at all times and it's rather annoying to have to keep re-opening my inventory to check.


Suggestions (mostly minor stuff):


* Can we have the option to use canteens to store water? It feels odd to have them as just a crafting material for Bangers instead of being able to use them for the obvious.

* Cooking recipes! I'd like to see the ability to cook the Raw Meat lying around in every kitchen, and use the Boxes of Salt for something other than giving ourselves sodium poisoning.

* Show the stats of an equippable item in the crafting screen. I know the descriptions make it fairly obvious what the suits, etc are supposed to do, but every little bit of info is helpful.


Other than my nitpicks, I'm loving the game so far. Even this far off from release it's already better than 90% of the stuff going up on Early Access right now. Keep up the good work!

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Oh man yes with the Wastrel voices reminding me of Bioshock. I think my favourite line of theirs is the "Oedipus didn't know what he was doing..." bit, which I heard the first time and just went "wait, what?" Then she goes on to talk about him ripping his eyes out anyway, I know, but at first I thought she was trying to justify an awkward family situation to herself.

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I also am loving the new Wastrel lines in 6.1. I particularly like the guy who keeps listing his favourite foods. I am on a low-ish spec (i5 3.2 Ghz 4 Mb RAM with Nvidia GEforce GT 440 graphics card) and am playing ok on the Medium graphics setting, but find that the loading of a New (or Saved) game after the main Menu page is very slow and sometimes stops for a moment if the progress dots in the bottom centre of the screen are anything to go by. Also the sound of Uncle Jack at the start stutters still (same as it did for 6.0). This happened when on Low graphics settings same as Medium. However, I haven't changed the screen resolution downwards at all. Gameplay however seems fine so far, but I have kept to the Garden District for now. Food seems a lot less plentiful and I keep starving!

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