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Stealth Versus Social Stealth

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Just a think-tank for features we like/dislike/want involving stealth in Wellington Wells!


I'll start by saying that I absolutely adore the icons in place at the moment for the hidden versus noticed, the "wide-eyed" icon in particular when sneaking. Clever use of the head turning during Social Stealth encounters, though I think the angry face could look even angrier.


I've noticed that if you're not in line-of-sight, and crouching, you'll still have the wide-eye icon, and this can make it difficult to judge whether you're hidden while being pursued. Not sure if this is a major problem, or if much can be done about it.


One feature which I think could add another layer to gameplay would be Player/NPC reaction to television/radio broadcasts. I'm imagining NPCs having an invisible 'cone' of line-of-sight. Televisions/radios could work like a security camera in the sense that they'd broadcast a similar cone. If an NPC is in the cone of a television or speaker (or vice versa? Maybe only one-way?) they can, say, laugh at a joke told by Uncle Jack. In this situation, if the player was in the cone of the NPC (and tele?), they'd have to press the action button to laugh as well else they'd raise suspicion.


Or maybe all this Joy-taking and blending in has made me covet being a Wellie. It's a lovely day for it, after all.

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I really really like the whole idea and concept of pretending to be on your meds, and all the mechanics and strategy that could come with it. It's primarily what I've been trying to do in-game the whole time I've been playing, honestly. Survival? Bah. I'm all about saying hello to people and generally trying to act all proper whilst waiting for backs to be turned so I can sneak into houses. Of course this keeps getting undermined by telepathic old ladies who sniff me out like a ruddy bloodhound from half a mile away. Which yes is pretty entertaining on one level cause haha I'm afraid of old ladies, but on most all other levels it's just frustrating and annoying.


I also really don't like the bits where I need to punch Wastrels to death looking for torn-up suits. I'd prefer to get out of the starting zone without having to fight them at all, but no matter how much furniture I loot there never seems to be a suit, and without one they notice and attack me on sight. Plus it's hard to justify all that effort being sneaky when it's so easy to just punch their lights out instead. No penalties for killing and a whole host of them for sneaking means I'm going to end up cutting a swath of destruction through the wastes more often than not.


In regards to that, though, I'd dearly like to know how/why this willowy be-sideburns'd man knows how to kill people with his bare hands. Maybe he's an ex-soldier? I dunno but man it weirds me out. I guess I'd sort of assumed he'd stopped taking his meds as some sort of penance for whatever past horrors or misdeeds he remembers, y'know, like an atonement story of sorts. You have to piece together what happened and why you've chosen to escape, maybe you've chosen the higher path instead of just blotting it all out with Joy, that sort of stuff. But then the first thing I generally end up doing is murdering a bunch of mentally ill people with my fists. So... am I trying to get away because I want to be able to remember and reconcile my past with a clear mind and conscience or am I trying to get away because I'm a bloody psychopath?


Also also it seems like the sneaking mechanics might benefit from a few more levels of suspicion. Or at least a longer fade-in between the "all's well" and "old lady is beating you with a rolling pin" stages.

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Definitely agreeing with @iChupacabra that having to laugh with the crowd in respond to Jack's Downer jokes would be the best thing.


I've never struggled with the old ladies, or really with any kind of "blending in" at all. I find you can avoid suspicion entirely by staring straight ahead and walking a brisk pace to wherever you're trying to go. While this does lead to a bit of a hurried, slightly panicked playthrough, it's made navigating the Wellie districts a piece of cake.


When ever I do actually stop to admire the scenery though, I keep having to repeatedly mash the E key to greet people. It just doesn't seem to convince them for very long at all, but I don't really have anything else at my disposal to convince them. I'd love some kind of actual conversation wheel, where you can cycle through a few generic Wellie lines. It'd be even better if your Joy level impacted the way these lines were delivered. ex: "How's your- uh-.. your father?" vs "How's your father! :D"


Also gonna have to agree with GBH about not wanting to annihilate the Wastrel population every play through. How hard could it be to tear up my own suit? Then, once you creep into the Wellie district, you can steal an outfit from a house. Also, I know it's just a placeholder inventory icon for now, but I really do want the suits to have unique icons. It'd be even better if you could see the suit on your inventory avatar change as well.


On the subject of clothing- why can't I wear one of those masks? Surely my lack of mask is the biggest giveaway that something's off. They are littered all across the Garden District, but I can't dust one off and wear it. The mask + a pair of shades would definitely offer an immense benefit to blending in with the population. I say this primarily because I'm in love with the idea of being a sneaky spy like character that can switch personas on a whim.


(Also I want to play as the super badass lady Downer and wear one of those stylish sunhats. Blending in and kicking ass in style!)

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