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44776 - Life in Technicolour Hotfix 2

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Life in Technicolour Hotfix 1


Gameplay Alpha 6.2


This is the second PC hotfix for the Life in Technicolour update, and contains a bunch of code and content fixes to improve the game.



• Fix case where player could get stuck after riding the Jubilator in I Sing Body Electric.

• Fix case where an objective would not complete in Mystery House.

• Fix case where NPCs would be missing upon returning to Mushroom Log.

• Fix an issue with map marker not updating correctly upon posting flyer at 1st location in Speaker’s Corner.

• Fix the map marker for finding Margery’s diary in Give a Pig a Pancake.

• Fix for unexpected failure of Speaker’s Corner quest.

• Mysterious chest will now open again after finding a bell in it.

• Fix case where Faraday would not talk into the window after you drop off the bucket in House of the Inventor.

• Make sure eviscerator will spawn on reload if it is needed.

• Fix for the dealer not being invisible inside his cart.



• Create recipe for metal tubes - can be used to create some hard-to-find items.

• Using any health/stamina/regen boost will now give you back an empty syringe in your inventory.

• Fix detection direction on worship animation.

• Canteens no longer disappear after use.



• Allow button hold to move stack of items in a single action.

• Fixed HUD status effects not updating while in the inventory screen on Downer and Birdwatcher.

• Fix missing bound key for consumable items in inventory.

• Fixed problems with time passing and stat calculations when fast travelling.

• Fixed an issue with key binding displays not updating after they are changed.

• Fixed double clicking to track quests on quest screen.

• Fixed an issue where some of the input displays weren't always updating.

• Added mouse over sounds for the player sub menu buttons.

• Fixed a problem where an invisible UI element was blocking legend entries from being selected.

• Crop status effects in the status effect screen if they are too long.

• Fix for some icons not showing up in the map.

• Fix an issue causing journal entry tracked and unread icons to overlap.



• Fix a few more cases where HDR support could be enabled in old configuration data.

• Add loading screen videos while streaming in-game.

• Fix cases where interaction between vomiting and using a Joy Booth would cause the player to be stuck inside the booth.

• Fix crash on talking to NPCs in Shibboleth quest.

• Fix a number of other crash cases.

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Now I can't do anything with my stash. I can't equip, use anything, etc. Which it's kinda hard if I can't use anything or change my clothes so people won't fight me

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still stuck on the i sing body electric mish. no longer greyscreen death loop. im getting a 'went for a swim' in the newspapwr now. do u think it would be better to start a new game re update?

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Hi I'd like to report a bug, I was at the Reform Society Club and I tried to get the 'indestructible knocker,' after I had given my key to the Madam lady. As soon as I gave it away I killed her in an attempt to get the key back but then her body disappeared so instead I pressed the button on the side of her desk and used a clever trap tool on the box that appeared on the wall and that didn't do anything so I am now unable to get the 'indestructible knocker.'

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I recently just ran into another bug, when performing the scenario when you're in cutty's shop and grinding up the person I was making the deliveries and then it said I had died from the shocker as in the skull icon appeared and it ran out, I then woke backup again at the bedroom in the cutty's scenario again and heard 'ready for another day of work' again but this time instead of being able to do the deliveries I couldn't interact with any items and I could walk through the doors as if it had bugged out, I think this was because the skull timer ran out and I 'died' rather than waking up again when I was at 1/4 hp like before. So to try and fix this I saved and quit the game then returned to the game but when I did it took me back to the very start of the game as if I really had died, I then saved and quit again because I knew I shouldn't be at the beginning of the game because it said I was still on day 18 when I started at the beginning of the game again (with all the starting quests and none of my previous items). And then I came back in right outside of cutty's shop only having the few items I had picked up while inside the scenario where I had to grind the person up and make the deliveries, having no clothing, and still being able to hear cutty say 'ready for another day of work' and his various other dialogues he speaks all while I was able to roam the town freely with only the items I was left with in the scenario.


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