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Take/Place is glitching a bit. When I try to "place" an item, it won't work until I refresh by clicking "store" option, then back to "place". This happens to everything, not just the shelter storage. I haven't tried restarting the game, but would that fix it?


Sometimes, I'm prevented from going into certain areas. This happened twice, one in Gemma Olsen's house, where I did not trigger any cutscenes, but was not allowed to go downstairs. It fixed itself after coming off Joy. Second incident was at the Newspaper Office, where I wasn't allowed to enter the vent from upstairs. It worked fine when I went back downstairs and crawled through. I was also on Joy when I was at the Newspaper Office, but I'm not sure if it's related or not.


Also, is there no more begging in the Garden District? I haven't seen any for awhile. It's just, I always saved my apples for the beggars, but now I just sell them to bankrupt the storekeepers.

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Hi there,


- We haven't seen this issue on our side. The items are instantly moved to the container. What difficulty are you playing on? Restarting the game may help.


- This may be related streaming if memory is getting low, but it's hard to tell. We'll look into it on our side.


- Begging has been removed for now as a good number of players found it either annoying or not worth the trade. We may look at balancing it and adding it back in, but we're not sure yet.


Also, are you on Xbox One or PC?




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