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Technicolour Bug List (will be periodically updated)

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1) Arthur repeats the lines he says when he sees and uses the first water hydrant (or whatever you call it) in the Garden District whenever he sees/uses any hydrant in the Garden District.


2) Sometimes during combat enemies randomly go through all their combat barks at the same time. This happened to me twice under different circumstances, so I'm not sure what's causing it. First time I hit one of the guys in the "Mine, Mine All Mine" quest (with a steel pipe, if that's important), he started bleeding and this bug happened right before he expired. The second time it was with some random Plagued Wastrel on the street, and I haven't laid a finger on him.




3) During the beginning cutscene for "It's a Terrible Life" the camera started freaking out, as seen in the potato quality video below. It may have been caused by Plagued Wastrels screaming outside, not sure. All the other quests so far didn't have this problem.

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4) Two of the bobbies at the apple tree kept having their conversation about apples even as they were fighting me.


5) For some reason the game says I'm "trespassing" in the Lud's Holm shelter, even though I've definitely killed all the Wastrels.



6) Have you ever been so high you broke the laws of physics? There's some random dead body on the roof of the house from the "Hallucinogenic Salad" quest and I can't interact with it in any way.


Ghost-moded myself closer.


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7) Encountered the "Dead bodies rising if you throw another body at them" bug I wrote about here again. This time - with the bobbies in the first village shelter. Although it worked with only one of them and only once.


8) Some more NPCs going through all their combat lines at once. It seems to be a Garden District problem exclusively.



9) Shouldn't there be bars here?



Whenever I return to Haute Cuisine after completing it it seems broken. As you can see, there are no bars here and no invisible wall either - I can freely walk in the area with the cook. I remember devs said in one of the updates that after you free him he opens a "restaurant" of sorts, but I don't remember if they said that it's already in the game or it'll be included in 1.0.

In any case, it's not in my game. Whenever I talk to the cook, he just repeats the same cutscene that plays when you free him, only now a) as there are no bars, I can interact with him from any spot, and the camera doesn't adjust for that; b) the stew just seems to drop onto the floor and disappear into the void. It's nowhere to be found after the cutscene - neither on the floor, nor in my inventory.


10) Like many other people I had problems with "It's a Terrible Life" - after you return to give George proper suit, he can't be interacted with, and Mary just stands on the bed. I hit her, she died from one hit, George didn't react, and the quest failed. George did stand up and got into combat mode after I hit him though.


11) Ol' Nigel here is a rebel, he plays by his own rules.


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