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Necromancy 101 with Arthur Hastings

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At the very beginning in the underground shelter, if you throw the body of Theodore (the jumpscare guy) at the body of Rupert (the murdered guy), the latter will shortly stand up and go into combat pose before returning to the Land of the Dead once more. I don't know if the same happens to other plot-related corpses, haven't checked it yet.








On the unrelated note: is there any way to assign specific items to quick slots? Can't seem to figure it out.


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Interesting catch with the corpses - I'll pass the info on to the team.


In regards to the quick slots, currently they just auto populate with useful items in your inventory. We would love to hear your feedback however - If you would like to give some, would you mind starting a new thread? This is a topic that we would like to hear from many people :)

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