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Senior Level Designer

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We are currently looking for a Senior Level Designer to join our team on our current project, We Happy Few.


In this context, we are looking for someone to:

● understand and improve game systems and mechanics,

● evaluate and review existing blueprints for stability, coherence and standardization,

● extend and enhance, or design from scratch, the moment to moment gameplay for procedurally generated or story-specific encounters/missions,

● participate as part of the design team to evaluate and improve the game as a whole through constructive criticism and creative contributions, and

● assemble story, environment and gameplay mechanics into a well-paced, highly realized experience.


We are specifically looking for someone who has:

● 10+ years of experience working in video games,

● 5+ years experience working in Unreal Engine 3 or 4,

● experience in procedural level design,

● experience working with and familiarity with the business realities of independent video game development studios,

● has been involved in large scale video game projects,

● can speak English or French,

● has a high school diploma, and

● has experience in production management.


This is a paid, permanent, full time position based in our Montreal office. Salary is negotiable based on experience, but will be between the range of $60,000 and $90,000. Complementary health insurance is provided at 50% cost.


If this interests you, please send a CV, including previous work experience and notable projects, to jobs@compulsiongames.com


Compulsion Games Inc

1001 Rue Lenoir

Studio A-329

Montréal, H4C2Z6


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