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New Playable Character Idea - The Inspector

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So while I was playing WHF I fell in love with the constables that wonder about Wellington Wells I started to think what it would be like to play as one of them, that's where "The Inspector" was born.


So story wise this is his story:


The Inspector is a high ranking member of the police force at Wellington Wells. However since due to the use of joy, murders committed by the common folk of the Wells are at an all time low. Now a days he acts as the tracker for the joy doctors, he tracks downers and reveals their location to the joy doctors who do their thing. One day while chasing a downer into his safe house in an abandoned metro station the Inspector falls for a trap where the downer sticks him with a crash syringe. As the Inspector starts to "see" his now dead wife who was killed during the German occupation and starts to follow the ghastly figure deeper into the metro, eventually waking up at an old Garden District station. Finally realizing what the world truly is, he comes to the conclusion that he must escape while collecting the fragments of his past.


Game play wise this was the original plan:



As a police officer he will gain suspicion not as quickly from civilians due to being a servant of the system.

However Joy Doctors and other Policemen have noticed his extended absence and therefor more cautious of you. (also if possible the amount of doctors or police might grow )

Wastrels will be very hostile toward you (since most of them are at the Garden District directly because of you)

Peepers will act the same, scanning you and finding if you have joy or not.



His clothing will be the same as the red bobbies with the variation of a black streak down his sleeves.



Health will be on the larger side since he's a police officer and same with stamina.

(possible mechanic) When suffering joy withdraw he has a possibility of seeing his wife and follows her uncontrollably ending up somewhere different.


I would love to hear feedback about this idea!




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playing as one of the bobbies would certainly lead to a unique experience, and that backstory is truly haunting..


however I feel that the upsides outweigh the downsides of the character.


t's interesting for people to be more suspicious of you, so conformity would be harder. but combat would be easier..


I imagine this would be for the people who like to solve problems with their fists. or maybe it could be for the people who really want a challenge conforming.


this is certainly an idea that could go down a lot of different routes and have lots of potential. it just depends on what you want to do with the play through.

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I recently started playing, but I also think that new characters would be useful

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