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Bugs and assorted weirdness (PC)

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1) Issues on launch

Sometimes on launch graphics go to "auto", and they pick the lowest settings possible even though I normally play on "high" without any issues.

Also, when I got the power cell for the bridge encounter, but haven't put it in yet, the prompt "acquire a power cell" had unchecked every time I entered the game.


2) Dig spots

Random dig spots you get from notes had a tendency to spawn really close to each other on Wastrel islands. They were more spread out on Wellie islands.



3) Weird NPC behaviour in supposed public spaces

When I'm in a public space (Reform Club, the pub, various stores) NPCs act as if I've broken into their house, even though I'm wearing a proper attire and not doing anything unlawful. Example:



3) Choke animation

Speaking of Reform Club, whenever I chocked an NPC in there, the arms animation was in a wrong place, so it looked like I was hugging their knees, rather than choking them.


4) Cutscene and gameplay clash

In "Speaker's Corner" and "What We Buried" quest-related NPCs get beaten up even in cutscenes, but don't seem to lose any health, or react at all, for that matter. And as soon as the cutscene is finished, whoever was pummelling them, loses interest in them.

Action shots!




5) Holy Yam quest

Seems to be broken again. First, people don't have a seizure when I play bongos, they just stand still and don't react to anything; the sound of them having a seizure still plays, however. Second, when THE YAM offers you three books, it used to give a description of each one, but now it doesn't. Third, when I returned from THE YAM'S domain, people were still frozen in place, they only started reacting when I tried to steal the steroid formula.


6) Nick Lightbearer's house

Found a random woman sleeping in (or rather floating several feet above; the bug with NPCs not aligning properly with beds seems to be prevalent in Maidenholm update) a bed in one of the rooms with electronic lock in Nick's house. Not sure if she's supposed to be a random groupie, or the game automatically spawned her into the room because it had a bed and it was night.

Here she is after I've knocked her out:



7) Pews of doom

When escaping from the spanker in Chirch of Simon Says I somehow got myself stuck between the wall and the pews. In addition, I was sliding non-stop, the camera was low, as if I was crouching and Arthur was flailing his arms like he was falling. (That's the best screenshot I managed to take, sorry)



8) Squeaky medal

When you move the medal from Simon Says competition around in you inventory it makes the same sound as rubber duck. Although, I'm not sure if that's a bug, or just a placeholder sound.


9) Changing corpse

At some point (not sure when) the plagued Wastrel's corpse at the entrance to the second island turned into a normal dead body.



10) Name generation fail

OK, I'm sure this is just a name generation quirk, but both bandits from Haute Cuisine quest had the same name. I guess their parents weren't too creative.



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Thanks for the info!

Many of these issues will be fixed on the next update or will be functioning much better.

In regards to the lady at Nick's place, I think she is a groupie :)

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