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Have we come to the end of our time?

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First of all, i want to apologize for what i might say and ask in this post. Sense pre-alpha release this community and the creators of this awesome game have been tortured and constantly asked this; "When does the full game come out?" or "I want the full game now!" more or less acting like a bunch of Wastrels crying when they should just take their Joy. (wait for it like the rest of us). However, I heard that the game would be release from 6-12 months after its pre-alpha release, and its been about 7 months now.


My main question is that a video advertising the game has given a release date and I'm wanting to know if its legit, Its a E3 2016 trailer for We Happy Few.

The Video: [


It says that it will be released by July 26, 2017 for Xbox One, sense it will be released for Xbox one, I will assume that it will be also released for other PS4 & PC.


Now; This could be a mistake, and the game could be pushed back farther, I just got really excited and wanted to make sure this was either true.

I can just wait and play the Maidenholm Update.


Once again, i'm sorry for making this post because of how many you guys get, but that factor is I am in love with this game (76 hours of enjoyment) and i cant wait for the full story.

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I think the year in the date is just a typo, as that date in 2016 is when early access released pubically.


As far as a timeline goes, it looks like now we're looking at late 2017/early 2018 for a full release. There's some more details along with an explanation regarding the delay in this post here: http://compulsiongames.com/en/news/118/weekly-journal-we-happy-few-roadmap-xbox-one-update-and-movie-adaptation-news

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