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Ideas for fourth-wall breaking scares and laughs!

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Greetings, Compulsion Games. I belive I have an interesting suggestion; a bunch of ideas about how to scare the player of the game and also how to make them giggle if they get the reference or easter egg, of course.


Lets start with an advise, a suggestion of creepyness


1-When is about survival horror, I asked myself what would creep me enough to drop the joystick and the answer came after I played Supreme Ruler Ultimate ( good game, by the way, done by Battle Goat). If the player isn't playing in the way he or she should, lets say, avoid conflict nor killing Wellies and Welletes just because, we should also get scary messages in the loading screens. For example: "Do you enjoy the killing?", "You aren't supposed to do that", "The idea of no mercy also applies to you". Its up to you, but there should be unsettling messages, stuff to give chills to the spine in that way.


In my personal opinion, there's nothing as creepy as when a game interacts with you like that. It gives a sensation that "it" knows what are you doing.


Fun stuff for four wall-breaking comedy


Does somebody know the hilarous joke that Vinny (from Vinesauce) told in one of his game corruption videos, Terminal 7 brain cancer? Well, don't worry, it isn't a real medical condition, that's why is a joke. According to what can be worked out from Vinny's ramdom comedy act, Terminal 7 is the seventh stage of brain cancer, that triggers constant hallucinations and visions. People with Terminal 7 find it hard or impossible to differentiate reality from fiction.

Here's the video that featured Terminal 7 joke for the first time:



What if in the WHF universe , Terminal 7 is a colloquial term for joy overdose, since that causes hallucinations and visions? Those who know the reference would burst their lungs.

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