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Weekly Journal - 28/04/2017 - UI visuals and new quickslot system!

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Hi everyone,

Short update this week as a lot of people are working on the story. We now have a full playable story walkthrough in the game! We will be talking about this more towards the end of early access, but we just wanted to keep you updated. It still needs a lot of tweaking but it is an exciting step forward.


Programming Team




When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When the team gives you a great design for a new inventory menu, start building the new inventory menu, and buy some lemonade because it’s going to be a lot of work.


Based on our new weight-based inventory system that I showed last week, Eric (one of our designers, not the runner) has gone through and given each item in the game a weight, which is exciting! Did you know that a ‘Head Knocker’ weighs 6kg? I do now.


As a result, the inventory screen is in the game now for testing, along with something else I’ve been working on: the new quick slots system.


We decided to rework both the inventory and the quick slots so that you spend less time managing your stuff, and more time in the game itself. So, the new system for quick slots doesn’t require assignment (like the current one does, where you have to assign an item to a slot before you can use it), but instead allows you to scroll through usable items outside of the player menu - aka, when you’re running around, in game.


We’ll also be assigning healing items to an always active quick slot, so that you have quick access to it whenever you’re in a spot of bother (you won’t have to scroll through all your items just to find a healing balm).






I’m a programmer this week! Sort of. While Michael works on the functionality, I’ve been using his system to upgrade the UI art. This is where I’m up to:








We’re using Unreal’s built in UMG system, which has meant lots of time spent learning a new system. This is my experience with Unreal so far:



Art Team




Hi people! This past week I’ve continued working on adding more details to the undergrounds and lighting that will give more personality to each room.








For this week I got to work on textures. I got the chance to work on a character that we have in game. We needed him to be not alive or sick, but something different… it was quite an experience, and it required some really interesting research. I also worked on a rusty iron chest, a board for one of the new quests and a pink box. When the props were done I had some time to go over some park maps to update them, and I will be working on this for the next week too.










This week I worked on one thing: the butcher's creepy house. I finished the blocking of the main stairs and started to lay out the props and do a lighting pass. I laid out his machines throughout the house. I also worked on his cooler room and laid out the base for his cellar. I created a few additional props such as a victorian bed, ventilator and protective sheets.


I believe that, when it's completed, it will be one of the most iconic encounters of the game. I'd give more details (and show screenshots) but I don't want to spoil the surprise!



Design Team




Mostly been working on story stuff this week, but I did get a chance to update bits and pieces of the Jubilator Attacks level. We now have a functioning car wash (jubilator wash).


A fun fact: we now have a completely “playable” story walkthrough, front to back.


The rest of the design team has been fixing up bugs from older encounters, while we wait on art to finish up with the new stuff.


Animation Team




Hola! This month has been all about cinematics animation, but brace yourselves, for next month, we finally start adding animations to new encounters the LDs have been milling though during this sprint!


Wish us luck.


Thanks for tuning in!


Compulsion Games

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I said this on the last update but I do feel it is still relevant. I just have a bit of input on why you should have a weight based inventory (playing a bit of devils advocate). First off, the weight system is counter intuitive towards realism and heres why. One can assume that an average grown man with the ability to fight off mobs of people and sustain multiple blows from lead pipes can efficiently carry around at least 40 kilos effectively. This is important becuase unless you fill your inventory with lead pipes, you should never exceed this limit, as a stack of metal bits probably weigh .5kilos, and a suit probably weighs 1k or so. The lead pipe with most likely be the largest thing you carry in your inventory. Where this become an issue of realism is volume. If I am carrying a metal pipe which takes up two spaces currently, and then say it is now just a compact as a pill bottle is ridiculous. I'm sure people would far rather carry around 40 kilos of weight than 5 square meters of stuff. The point being that you keep the Tetris system becuase it makes more practical sense for someone to have to be concerned the size of what they are carrying and how to handle it, rather than the weight of something. Secondly it degrades item value. One awesome game mechanic in We Happy Few that I enjoy very much is that fact that you have to make decisions, and tough decisions. Although a joy pill takes up as much room as a stack of metal bits, the value of the joy pill gives it the size. This also hold true for thing like suits. If you introduce this new system, players will no longer have to decide whether to drop of this or that in return to be able to carry around a suit of blending. Instead they will drop a few metal bits and be on their way. This Tetris system can be fixed other ways than disrupting the great system you have in place. Balancing your inventory is fun and challenging, and gives distinction to almost every other inventory system out there ( Skyrim, No Mans Sky, etc.). So I urge you to reconsider your changes and think about how a weight based might affect the realism of the game, and the value and tough choices of keeping or dropping valuable items. Other than that I absolutely love what you guys are doing, and We Happy Few is currently my favorite game out there. Keep Up The Good Work! -TheJoyfulDowner (I don't see a reply button, so feel free to message me on my profile if you want to give an opposing opinion or just feedback, and if there is a button for replies and i'm an idiot just, reply that way)

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i kind of agree with thejoyfuldowner. i do think a weight-based system could be good, and i'm all for not having to play inventory Tetris, but i like having to make choices now...do i hold on to a rare item i don't use often just because i probably won't find it again and i might need it for something someday? or do i ditch it for boring but practical metal bits because i need to make more lock picks and clever trap tools? These choices add a lot of meaning and weight to the game for me personally.


i also don't know how i feel about the changes to quick slots. although i think the spawning of inventory/quickslot/holster expanders could use some adjusting,i love the satisfaction of finding them in game, and having to decide what items to utilize in them.


i know this isn't a inventory management or crafting game at it's core so i'm all for making changes but i hope this doesn't make the decisions you have to make while looting and such irreverent :)

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