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Some ideas and feedback

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First of all, my feedback:

I love the game and story it is trying to tell the player. I feel it as a cautionary tale about conformism and that simple solutions aren't always the right answer to a big problem and that both can cause more harm than any good. Everyone should be taking notes from this game, from politicians to janitors, judges to lawyers and so on.


Now, my ideas:



On a video on youtube, I asked you guys if we are going to know about what is going on overseas in the game's universe. The answer was "A little bit"


Here's my suggestion, a resumed idea in seven parts of what is going on overseas. This would be something that the player should find out thanks to personal journals, letters and newspaper cuttings that can be found the Garden District. I doubt that high-on-Joy Wellingtonians would care about what is going on outside their borders.


1-There would be going another sort of cold war, where the leader of the west is the UK and the USSR for the east.


2- There's no U.N as we know. Instead, the UK and the USSR are the ones that polices the world, causing and supporting military coups and so on in order influence regions.


3- The Olympic games of Tokio (1964) does not take place over there, due international tensions in Asia. Argentina hosts them, becoming the first South American nation to host the Summer Games on January of that year (Summer in South America)


4- In real life, Brazil went through a military coup in March 1964 that overthrown President Joao Guliart. Instead, in this alternative reality, a civil war break out and this overthrowns Joao Guliart, who is killed on early October 1964.


5- JFK survives his assasination with no injuries. By 1964 he is going for a reelection (reference to Stephen King's book 22/11/1963)


6- Chile is the only ally the british have in South America and India is still a colony.


and finaly


7- Japan went through a communist revolution as a result of a soviet invasion in 1945.By 1964, they are an "Overseas Soviet Republic"



What do you guys think about this? too much? too weird? Hope my suggestions help in something.





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We have all the backstory of the world already written by the great @Alex :) You can take a look at his post history.


We won't share it blatantly in the game, it will be here and there.



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Ho! That's very nice indeed.


I hope the game breaks the fourth wall at some parts for comedy or to give some shivers to the player.


Maybe there would be some fourth wall breaks, both funny or creepy ones, right?






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