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Bugs Encountered on Xbox One

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-Bright white shapes briefly pop up on screen when in a safe house

-Disabling the peeper at night can glitch the encounter "Where Have I Buried?"

-The bobby by Moon Juice Leech can't be tempted with scotch

-During the encounter of "Mothers Little Helper", right before Mrs. Chaney scares the ever loving crap out of you, her player model can be briefly seen on the bed (standing up, arms spread apart)

-Walking through Mrs. Chaney's house can alert NPC's outside (when they shouldn't be able to see you)

-When crossing the bridge to Maidenholm's Island, the symmetrical staircase that's split into two has an invisible box blocking the middle of each staircase (not game breaking, just weird and can be jumped over or walked around)

-Toxic fog seems to cover up a much bigger area then it should when you're standing inside of it

-Frame rate issues galore

-Wearing fab threads can cue nasty dialogue from wastrels

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