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39095 - Maidenholm Hotfix 2

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Gameplay Alpha 5.2


Hello everyone,


We have pushed out a content hotfix to address performance issues and a select few encounter issues inside the Maidenholm Update, specifically:


• New LOD system to allow for better performance. Includes (finally) a fix for bridges popping one piece at a time, although still needs refinement for draw distance generally.

• Significant optimization on shadow generation.

• Fixed some load issues with save games.

• Fixed attempting to load very old (and incompatible) save games.

• Fixed some crash issues related to inventory.

• Fixed the Church of Simon Says not being enterable if you had visited it before meeting Nick..

• Optimized the scaffolding and other geo in Nick's house.

• Optimized the House of the Inventor.

• Optimized the electricity VFX.

• Xbox Only: temporarily created a second Maidenholm Island, to prevent memory issues.


This represents a significant amount of work, and the length of these update notes do not reflect the work put in to analyse and fix what was going on. A big thank you goes out to the programming and art teams for all their hard work.


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