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Recent bugs in the update 'Maidenholm' Update 3

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Update 3:


Sometimes leaving hiding spots while NPC's are near can cause them to automatically detect you, even if the door is closed and locked.




Lower an NPC's health to a point where they surrender, in a room, locked. If they run into you, they can die, they just... die.



Offering the guarding bobby (that is part of the 'Moon Juice's Leech') will not alter his mood, and will consume one of your Scotch.

I've wasted three Scotch doing this bug, they all had the same outcome.



Some NPC's can phase through props on their own or when you disrupt their animation by talking to them.



Some Props can phase through other props.



I carried the NPC Mary (from the quest 'It's a Terrible Life') through a checkpoint [This checkpoint was the infection checker] and when arriving in the other island, I have stopped carrying her and she has completely disappeared. To explain this bug further, you can also hear her talk to you when entering your world or reviving from second-wind. Quote "This is my stop... George. I'm afraid that I have to get up now." (And yes, I am kinda responsible for this bug happening, for I should of waited for George to arrive at the gate before charging head first into the door. But in my defence, I was running away from downers.)


Here is a video as well as a map picture to show the quest is bugged





In this enclosed area with spankers, these three bobbies always get stuck in this spot. This has also appeared in the previous update (before Maidenholm was released).



This red bobby is still sighted outside the store. Peculiar.



Found more animation and NPC shifting out of place by small fractions or greatly in a metre of distance.









Things I have discovered:


If you get close enough to a wall crouched, bobbies can not detect you. Odd but it just works as a tactic at night.

This even works with Peepers!




Peepers will not scan you if you are standing or crouching in the door frame of a Downer Detector.



Wow, what a list! I'll try and get more!

Cheers Compulsion!

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The next step would be going to the church and popping a joy pill (to not set the alarm off) and activating on the door 'knocking' on it. Make sure you are wearing the Fab Threads as well. Make sure it's daytime and not night (I tried to knock at night, and did not work)

If you can't interact with the door then its a bug.

So the checklist being:

A) Have the mask, wear the fab threads

B) Make sure it's daytime and not night

C) Be careful not to set off the downer detector


If you found Nick before you found the Church, make sure to interact with the sign first. The door does not operate if you do not interact with the sign to the left.


I had this issue in the past, but I re-looked at the sign, which then fixed it for me.

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The Church of Simon Says issue that nightwing mentioned is a known issue on the current public release. If the church is found and a save/load is performed before returning with Nick's wig and mask, the quest cannot progress. We hope to patch this soon.




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