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Hello! I haven't posted my first playthrough initial thoughts here because Josh apparently has lots of notes about what I said the first time I played it already ;). But I may type them up myself into a more cohesive post at a later date anyway.


For now I'll just ramble about the newest update.


Was happy to see a new patch when I woke up this morning, I reckon each time a big patch comes out I'll become more and more curious about what's going on in this crazy world.


First thing of course, you're spawned in a safe place. Indeed much better then when I loaded the game for my very first time and had old ladies with bugged crooked necks all screaming at me ;). Before the patch I had found this place before when I was seeing if I could get into the Underground station. I wondered why the room was there, and now I know. It does feels a lot better starting here, it's cozy!


After picking up all the items from the equipment lockers and such, I noticed this time I could turn on the TV (I'm pretty sure I couldn't before? Unless I missed the prompt). I wasn't expecting anything but WOW! I Immediately became enthralled with Uncle Jack. For a few seconds I was like "That's really well animated" then I twigged it was an actor, whoever picked him to play the part big kudos. I kept watching and listening to the point of my character becoming dehydrated.

You've really nailed your art style and tone on the TV bits. Kept it grounded and not gone the slightly over the top propaganda way of Vault Boy from the Fallout games. Jack actually seems nice, but not in a sinister way so much, more like he's stuck and just wants to help people get through whatever is going on.


Again him adding little tidbits of information into the world, like when he's telling the jokes, mentions eating a banana but that he couldn't anymore as if they can't get them imported anymore or something. Along with him mentioning a war at some point, could he just mean WW1 or 2? Probably not. I'm sure I'll find out.


Also very random question but I'm curious, in the joke telling part did someone have to make him that massive bow tie or did someone just find it in a random shop somewhere?


So after I was done in the starting room, I went up the ladder and triggered the new intro cutscene. Seems to work well, the animation clipping through the manhole cover is a little distraction but I know that's just temporary. I like the Bobby giving you a little nod in that lovely "Morning Sir" way.


Started to walk around a little to see what else was new, obviously noticed the classic red telephone boxes right away, very nice. Along with the traffic lights with sad or smiley faces on depending, was curious about those, will they animate and mean something later on? Or are they there mostly for extra scenery?


I decided to test what ranged weapon the police officers would use on me, wasn't expecting the duck! :D And I certainly wasn't expecting the stand in audio on it, the first time made me give a little jump as it caught me off guard but it certainly gave me a chuckle.


I also tried drinking water from a house tap again to see what the drug effect would be, boy do things go wobbly quick ;). Nice to see that do something to you now.


Oh and another random thing, this time I killed someone and took their cricket bat to try. I know most of the audio is placeholder right now, but it makes a metallic sound when you unsheath it. It can sometimes be the littlest things that break a person's suspension of disbelief.


Anyway, still really liking where things are headed, will keep adding thoughts later no doubt, especially after your next few patches. I'm sure PAX will give lots of interesting feedback too. Keep up the amazing work everyone! :)

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Thanks for the feedback Fire and thanks for writing it here on the forums. Glad the new spawn point system provided a better starting experience.

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