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funny glitch?

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So a funny thing just happened to me about an hr or so into the game I reached this industrial area? and was on my way to explore through a third checkpoint which I got through with a bobby in close check as I went to jump over a ledge just after the checkpoint the bobby hit me and I was launched out of the world and had a birds eye view of the map to which I come crashing down and die. :D

just one of the many fun things to look forward to ;)


Also on the play through previous there was a window a little higher up than usual so I jumped up to grab the ledge and got half way through and got stuck.

To which a wellie comes over and kills me :D


Pretty rare cases maybe so no big deal just thought I'd share



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Nice! In a similar vein, nearly every time I takedown a wastrel, they immediately launch into the sky to come crashing down in a twitchy ragdoll mess a few moments later. It's funny. I'm not sure it needs to be fixed. :D Also funny: Found a bobby sliding through the streets of the Garden District on one knee. I tried to help him but was killed for my efforts.


I've had a few random stuck moments but no crashes and no major glitches and I'm running a pretty average laptop so, yeah, it's going pretty well so far.

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