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Can’t find Mrs. Pankhurst for the “Looks Like Rain” quest

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Hi everyone,

I have been searching everywhere for the “Looks Like Rain” quest but I just can’t seem to find it anywhere. I don’t need to trigger the quest for the rubber suit I just really hate having incomplete or unfound quests in my game (it’s an OCD thing). And I know the maps are different every game, but there’s only so many map/location layouts, right? So somebody’s had to have played the same map layout as me. It’s seriously driving me crazy, SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!

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Hi there,


The quest Looks Like Rain is an optional encounter in regards to the world generation system. As a result, it won't appear in every game. You can have different side quests in each new game. Main path quests and locations will always be spawned.

If you're not finding it in your world, then chances are likely it didn't spawn in that game. The Rubber Suit recipe is not a quest reward specific to Looks Like Rain anymore. Instead you can get the recipe as a random reward when completing a quest or it can be found on top of crafting benches found in shelters.


I hope this helps.




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