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Some important questions

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Lovely day for it!


Potential buyer here, I have watched development closely, since steam release, I'm on a fence about buying this game. I have a few questions though:


1. I haven't found any roadmap for the development? Is there any? I'd like to know what to expect from the game as it progresses.


2. My most burning question: Will there be a time limit to escape from the "city"? In my humble opinion time limit is bad in a sense that I can't take my time and explore and do stuff how I want. I wouldn't want to rush things.


3. Will combat be revamped with more complexity like parrying, dodging, more weapons, stealth, ranged... stuff like that?


4. Will the game see more depth, such as leveling or overall character progression like gaining traits or sculpting the world by our decisions? Or something along the lines.


5. More types of enemies, wildlife? Maybe sewer connection beneath the city to access different places and different kinds of enemies / npcs there? (not sure is there yet)


6. Plans of maybe recruting allies, others who have decided to give up on "joy" and maybe rebel against the government? (Maybe kind of ambitious)


7. Customizing base? adding defences, designin interiors? Maybe some events that our base could be under attack or under investigation. Would be cool!


Thank you for any answers. You have truly unique game on your hands, it might become something great! I post more questions if something comes up.

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Hey @Era,


1. We have one internally but we are hesitant to share it. We are currently testing that we can reach the deadlines of the plan we created and if all is going well, we might share it in the future, but no promises there.


2. That is the plan for the main story. It will all make sense ;) You should still have plenty of time to explore the world and will also be able to do so in Sandbox mode (not yet in the game, it was one of our Kickstarter goals)


3. Combat is a constant work in progress, there will be more weapons. Parrying is already in the game. As for dodging, I am not sure how that works in first person, you can definitely move away from a hit by just moving. Keep in mind, the main character is not really a skilled fighter :)


4. You find books throughout the game that improves some of the character's stats such as stamina, but your character will not learn new abilities as it's not really an RPG.


5. Yes


6. Not in the plans


7. Not in the plans.

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Thanks for the reply! It's very good to know that there will be sandbox mode where I don't have to worry about time!

One thing came to my mind, perhaps too early to say but will there be free content after the release?


I decided to trust that you'll deliver an amazing experience and bought the game. My way of having faith in you.

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Right now it is too early to tell about free content after the release but one thing is sure is that we will continue to support the game for quite a while :)

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